When A Jerk Looked Past The MCM

I have 2 goals and they are both based in vanity.

I’m gonna look crazy good at both, especially the 2nd one.

I’m gonna run the Marine Corps Marathon again.

I’m gonna have a six pack (abs) by July 5th, 2014.

It started here


This is Day 1. 197.2 pounds (ish, I weighed myself a couple days later). July 5th, 2013.

Goal 1: Somehow do the Marine Corps Quantico Triathlon. (I just swam laps for the first time today since I was 15 … it was crazy hard and I don’t think I’ll be ready).

Goal 2: Run the The Navy – Air Force Half Marathon

Goal 3: Run the MCM 2013 with Garrett. Be around 180 pounds

Goal 4: January … Don’t be fat or lose momentum

Goal 5: Abs. July 5th. Go ahead, do your laundry on them.

I just wanted to get this on record for now. I want to do monthly updates.



Always be working towards something better.

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