Thank You


Wow, It’s been a month since Paul and I finally did what we set out to do. We set out to do this silly adventure in July 2009. We only started and kept up this blog as a means of motivation to keep us running. It worked. This little corner of the internet helped us keep going. It made it easier at times to run while thinking about what I’d write on here. It helped knowing people were reading our posts and developing expectations of us. This blog kept us going when we wanted to (and did) quit.

But there was so much more than we leaned on for support. There’s a ton of people I’d like to thank:

THANK YOU Nike+: I wouldn’t have run without your collection of my running data. Period.

THANK YOU Ipod: Without the music, I do not run. With the music, I run.

THANK YOU Multiple foot/ankle doctors: I had many, many problems but you were able to keep me healed so that the 3rd time I tried the MCM I was able to cry throughout it without an actual injury.

THANK YOU Baltimore Orioles for deciding to become Playoff relevant during my injury free marathon training and making me leave work early to run so that I could get home for the 8th and 9th innings on …. well that never happened cause I’m a great worker and never leave work early. P.S I LOVE YOU O’S

THANK YOU Cars that never hit me as I ran. Good looks.

THANK YOU Knees that never took a cue from my ankles to just give out. I look forward to you guys giving out by age 34.

THANK YOU VA Runners for properly fitting me into running shoes that would best help me. Made ALL the difference in the world. I’ll be back for sure.

THANK YOU Anyone that ever commented of viewed or read this blog. Paul and I created this to motivate each other and to maybe entertain anyone else that stumbled by. Secretly, we tracked page view stats (thanks happy dog picture viewers!) and ever comment (thanks mom!).

THANK YOU Everyone that ever ‘commented’, ‘liked’ anything regarding my runs on social media. Wither it was a simple click or acknowledge of a run completion, I swear every and any time you tried to be positive about anything I did towards running did not go unnoticed. I greatly appreciate it. It was fuel for me.

THANK YOU Paul. Simply put, I don’t run this thing without you. You’re my wife in this acceptance speech, minus the gown and TV ready cleavage.

THANK YOU To my sisters, whose every query into my running status was a new depth charge to my motivation, mostly because of how much I admire them.

THANK YOU To my Dad. You first put the seed of this kind of race into my head when you wanted to run a marathon with Megs and I. Your knees gave out not long there after and Megs and I saw that as an excuse to not run and be young and do a ton of karate. The bug of running never quite left me as I tried to pick it back up as I lived with Paul, Rachel and Nathan. I didn’t have an Ipod or Nike+ so I couldn’t track my total distance so I had to borrow Rachel’s little purple watch that had a stopwatch on it. I used it to keep track of how long I was outside of the house. I never knew how far I ran, but I’d always run the same amount and try to run faster. That was my start. Rachel thought it was silly. So did Paul. Soon after they moved out of that house is when Paul and I came up with the idea to run a marathon, siting my times trying to run. During my years of trying to run the marathon, I always kept your and Mary’s books and “Everyday Is Training Day’ shirt as motivation. Your presence at the marathon at the many stops was immeasurable but your words at Mile 19 will never leave me; “Keep going. I’m so proud of you. I love you”.

Last, but not least ….

THANK YOU To my Mom. There’s no doubt about it, you were the oil that kept this Tin Man going. You bought my first pair of  running shoes. You bought my second pair of running shoes. You were the first to text (after you learned I wouldn’t answer phone calls) after all of my foot doctor visits. You were my first phone call after my 2 marathon ending injuries. You were always the first to ask me how I was feeling. You were always the first to wish Paul and I luck in our races. You were always the first to say how proud you were. You were always first to comment on either of our blog posts. You were with The Running Jerks since day one. There’s no doubt in my mind that without your constant enthusiasm, spirit, and desire to see Paul and I to the end, we wouldn’t have done it. We’ll run another one so that you can double clothesline us both at the finish line. You’d also be the first to hug us and give us our medals.

To everyone I thanked and everyone I forgot to thank … I was able to do this marathon with/without you.

Thank you.

In case this is my last post on this blog, here is one more dog picture, for ol times sake.

2 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Mom Says:

    King Mutt!!! Good one!! Thank You my Mikey monkey for the shout out, I love you sooooo much. Your Grandpa was with you every step, cheering n waving wildly like he always did for you. He lit up when you were around, “my boy” he called you, for the sheer pride n joy you brought him. Please soak in this victory, on so many levels its so important, every pain you fought through, the rain, snow, heat you braved, the beer undrunk, the millionth
    chickenm mineral dtink diet u stuck to, the mental n physical discipline that shape the true meaning of “a Good Man”. The stars n planets lined up for you this year afyer a devastating loss. Skins got RGIII, Os did great, Olympics well USA rocked, & our beloved Mighty Irish …undefeated w shot at Natl Cjamps!!! We have angels pulling for us no doubt!!
    THANK YOU for being a model sun, n brother, friend n man. I love and adore you, Mommy always n forever

  2. Mom Says:

    Thank you my Mikey monkey!! So beautifully written, n felt. I dare say this RJ blog has transformed you into quite the author. Beautiful expressions of pride, defeat, and ultimate victory!!! Id humbly add 2 others who deserve honorable mention: Our beloved Notre Dame FI football team, led by Manti Te’o. Their exciting wins every Sat pm, gave you reason to rally, dress, n scream
    wildly during undefeated season!!!!!

    Last but not least……
    I truly believe your adorable Grandpa gave you the deep inspiration n strength. You saw him helpless n so sick, n like the Grinch, found thepower of 100 Mikes!! Thank you for dedicating the mcm to him, he loves you fiercely, from above, as he did here on earth.
    Always n forever my Sonshine you’ll be

    boNowisterous joy!! Green joy!!! Their captain

    On to Natl Championship!!!!NatlnowManti, set example Nfor us all, courage, syrong n true.

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