This One’s Written For You, Mike Roberts


Dear Handsome Devil,

This is it. You have to do it. You’ve blogged about this since day 1 of this blog, July 8, 2009. Remember when you made this amazing (and you still don’t know why they haven’t used it) picture?

The email you sent Paul about a blog name had like 7 or 8 suggestions. He chose The Running Jerks. I know that there was like 3 better options to choose from (the email in question was sent from the address, which no longer exists. DERP) but Paul said Running Jerks and I didn’t feel like fighting so TA-DA!!. I went to my ancient computer device and made the amazing logo you see above you but Paul shut it down and made the current one. I still think to this day that my picture is WAY better. It took me literally 7 minutes to make and I’m still thinking about it (and re-posting).

But this post is only about you, Mike. This is the last post before you try to run the marathon that you’ve tried to run since July 9, 2009.

You’ve had 2 timely injuries that have kept you out of both marathons. The first made your ankle swell the size of a softball and you never went to a doctor cause you didn’t have a job and no insurance (Sept 20, 2009).

The second happened because of a stress fracture 2 months prior and put you in a long boot:

Remember the past to make your future better. You can’t avoid injuries but you can train your body to be better. Keep running. You have to. Keep running farther than you want to. When you get to that point, keep running. Don’t stop.

Remember your first run? It sucked. It was so hard. You could barely run far at all.

Remember your 10th run? It sucked. It was harder than you thought. 6 miles was harder than you thought.

Remember your 20th run? It sucked. It was too hard for someone that trained to do this. Why?

Remember your 50th run? It sucked. It was easier than the 1st but its still hard. Getting better but I still get very tired.

Remember your 100th run? It sucked. It sucked cause you pushed yourself.

Remember your 150tth run? It sucked. It sucked cause you ran farther than you ever had.

Remember your 200th run? It sucked. It sucked cause you didn’t have enough rest cause you’ve been running too much recently.

Remember your 250th run? It sucked. It sucked cause you you ran when you thought you were too tired or weak.

Remember your 300th run? It hasn’t sucked cause you haven’t done it yet. It will suck because running isn’t fun.

But it can be.

Running was run. The videos you took had you smiling in them. You have to remember that. Don’t let yourself be your worst enemy when you run. Know that you worked hard enough physically. Know that your body won’t fail you. Be positive. You can do it. You’ve done it before, why not do it now?

Left foot, right foot, repeat. Running is that easy. Don’t be the fastest, just finish. Hydration is important. So is comfy feet, thighs, and nipples. Don’t get uncomfortable during the race cause that’ll hurt you mentally. Don’t lose your mental composure. Never think you can’t do it, because you can. It will seem like you can’t at many points during it, but never think you can’t. Keep moving forward. Paul will be there with you, he’ll help you.

You will start and finish the race with Paul. If you hurt, he will help you and if he hurts you will help him.

Don’t run with the pack because that’s the speed they are running at; it is very important that you run at your own comfortable pace. It’s a very long run, it’s not a race, just finish.

Get a lot of sleep beforehand and eat good carbs. Leave earlier than you planned to. Remember where and when your loved ones want to meet you during the race. Remember that everyone not running is there to see you so try and make their day as well. Be happy.

Do not doubt yourself. Never think that you cannot do it. You know you can. You have worked too hard for this. You ran in Fairfax. You ran in Centreville. You ran in New Jersey. You ran in New York. You ran in Wilminton, NC. You ran in Arlington. You ran in Ireland.

You want this. You want this badly. Don’t forget that. Don’t wait another year. Don’t give up.

You run for Elizabeth Healy.

You run for Paul Schratwieser.

You’ll run in honor of everyone you’ve ever known and loved.

You’ll never be more proud of yourself when you finish.

You can do it

You will do it

Do it




Keep running

Mike Roberts

2 Responses to “This One’s Written For You, Mike Roberts”

  1. Mom Says:

    Handsome devil, my son-shine,
    Today is my darling Moms 8th anniversary, 8 years withou t my own Mom, her grace, style, laughter, wisdom, faith. I firmly believe in heaven, where my Daddy now can hold his love, and dance. And, as the Air Force creed says, they touch the face of God
    You have, inside you Mikey, the magic of those who came before. The proud Fighting Irish heritage that fills stadiums, w touchdown Jesus, your beloved Grandfathers love of life n charisma, your fathers honor, your mothers joy, your sisters love. You run my love because you’ve found purpose, determination, pride. In 30yrs, its the best promise,
    you’ve made, to yourself. You run to prove once and for all, you CAN do this.

    Most of all, you Deserve this.
    If theres even a fleeting moment of doubt or fe
    ar, I want you to picture your Grandfathers twinklinggreen eyes, winking at his beloved Michael

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