Storming The Castle In What You Hope Is Enough Time


Yowza. I haven’t posted in over 3 months. Well, back in the old days of this blog, we’d call that business as usual. But in that time, on the running trail, business has been picking up!

Last post was March 30th. Please do allow me to recap in numerical format the happenings since then with a generous explanation of each point afterwards:

1. April has 9 runs.

2. May is even worse, 7 runs, but the proudest.

3. Run my first half marathon race.

4. June is productive, 10 runs

5. July is usual July in that it is a terrible month, always

Generous Explanations:

1. What was supposed to be my Go Get Em month turned into a lazy one.  Didn’t hit my weight goal and I spent too much time boozing. Only 9 runs in the month but 3 were over 10 miles, including April 10ths run of 13.2 miles. I was ready for the half marathon then, but not ready for the weather change.

2. April’s laziness bleeds into May; I don’t run in the last 6 days of April or the first 5 days of May). Determination still rules and 3 awesome runs happen in the next week, including a 13.8 mile run. I feel ready but don’t want to injure myself so only 1 run of 6 miles happens in the next week leading up to the big run.

3. 1st half GREAT. 2nd half HILLS AND HEAT. Video:

4. Tuesdays through Fridays were filled with gyms, lifting and running. Saturdays through Mondays involved nothing but sloth like behavior. 1 cousin was married and my 2 best friends had babies turning 1 years old. Weekend wise was busy. Also, I was very much losing the battle of Eating Better VS. Fast Food. Laziness is Fast Foods stepbrother.

5. July is always a terrible month, aside from the amazing fireworks. Its hotter than need-be. If you life in DC I don’t need to tell you about the humidity and if you’ve ever known a person that’s been in DC during July, I don’t need to tell you about the humidity. People in Arizona, in 110 degree heat, look at the heat index in DC and go “oh shit, did you see that, over there *pointing to east coast*, ya, DC, WHEW! That sucks!”. July is horrible weather in which to go outside. If a human goes outside with the idea to use forward momentum is always met with an almost tangible wave of heat. Such an encounter makes most humans run back inside, usually complaining to the nearest human of the furious encounter they’ve just endured. Runners are a different breed of human.

I’ve done my rants about what make runners ‘runners’, but running in July DC heat makes runners ‘inhuman’. For me, at least, running outside in the worst of worst is like breathing in sand. I went to college so I don’t consider myself too stupid, but I didn’t go to become a doctor so I cannot declare myself an expert on lungs or how they’re supposed to work, but I’m of the understanding that lungs need outside air (oxygen) to work; therefore let my body work. When I’m breathing as I run in July, I literally feel like either I’m taking in half breathes or only half of what I’m breathing in is healthy (the other half being bricks and/or wet sand). July sucks.

Mentally, I was out of the ‘game’ for a few weeks. Never got in a good running rhythm, too many things came up and I didn’t have the dedication to say no and run. When a Mike is at rest, a Mike will eat whatever is close, which is never good. I got lazy and unmotivated. That sucks. Really sucks. I’m losing time. I’m not missing this a third time.

Before I got my kick in the ass to be better and excel, my right foot started hurting after runs (not during). A small sliver along the top of my arch would hurt hours after the run continuing throughout the whole next day; every step with a little bit of pain. The day after it would be right as rain and I would run as much as I wanted to. Any run over 4 miles would aggravate this pain. After a few runs I made an appointment with my foot doctor dude to make this better before it got worse.

I saw him today after I had run 8 miles 2 days ago. I still had a little pain in my foot but not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. After a couple X-Rays he determined it was not a stress fracture (like I had before, which required me to be in a walking boot for weeks), but a step down, severity wise, a stress reaction. I haven’t researched that yet, but its not supposed to be that bad and 2 weeks of not running should do me good.

I used to welcome any reason not to run, but dammit, I just got the running bug back so this is good but still unwelcome news. I’ll sit down like a good boy and wait out my time. I’ll hit the bikes in the gym and on the trail in the meantime. I mean to hit the ground running when I’m able to.

3rd times the charm. I’m running this damn marathon.

One Response to “Storming The Castle In What You Hope Is Enough Time”

  1. Mom Says:

    Agreed. July in DC, no where else, maybe the Everglade swamps, =equals UNhealthy running. Plse reread, n listen to dr mum. Gasping & sweating, not good. Watch reruns of Burn Notice, hit the bag, spin, but let foot heal. This is Your Year…. 2012. Magic sox will cure all that ails, n my Love

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