Hello Again, Naturally


I just went back and checked. I wanted to be completely sure. I haven’t posted on this blog – a blog I co-founded with Mike – since Nov. 17, 2010. Said blog post, which you can read here if you are so inclined, talks about my failure at running the 2010 Marine Corp Marathon. Don’t worry, though, I said, because, and I quote: “2011, here I come.” Yeah, about that.

Let’s step back for a second. For those just joining us, the Running Jerks – Mike and myself – started this blog in July 2009 with the hopes of chronicling our journey to run the 2010 MCM (failure), then the 2011 MCM (double failure). I hope you can see where this is going.

I totally swear that we’re gonna run the 2012 Marine Corp Marathon.

Okay, okay – so things haven’t gone exactly as planned. I had lots of pretty big things happen in my life and running (and fitness) in general took a back seat. I got married, had a kid, have another kid on the way, etc. As for my fitness goals derailing, I only have myself to blame. I like to describe my healthy eating and running as coexisting as sort of a house of cards. I eat right because I run. I run because I eat right. If I eat crap, what’s the point of running? If I don’t run, what’s the point of eating right? It’s crappy logic, but whatever, it works for me. That’s why it’s so easy for me to get obsessed with this sort of thing – running and eating and losing weight. It just kinda snowballs and the house of cards fortifies.

Okay, but lets get back to the present because I’m running out of steam here. No, sorry, need to jump backwards for a second. So, in May 2009, I started this running adventure – with a goal of dropping 50 pounds (I weighed 235 at the time) and running the 2010 MCM. I lost the weight, but didn’t run the Marathon. I peaked in Oct. 2009 – a full year before I was set to run – got injured and never got my mojo back. 27 months later (Feb. 2012), I was back to weighing 230 and unable to run more than a mile without risking heart attack or stroke.

Back in 2009, I described the catalyst for running as a sudden clarity that I was a fat $@&!. Like the fog lifted in front of my bathroom mirror and Shrek was staring back at me. Same thing happened again in February. Sure, I was still “planning” on running the 2012 MCM in Oct, but up until that point had not done anything about it – so on Feb. 9, 2012, I started to do something about it. Let’s take a look at the stats since then, compared to 2009, 2010 and 2011.

2009: 144 runs, 585.69 miles
2010: 82 runs, 433.5 miles
2011: 15 runs, 38.04 miles
Feb. 7 – Mar. 21, 2012: 17 runs, 70.27 miles

As you can see, I’m back on track. I’ve run almost twice as many miles in 6 weeks of this year than I ran in all of 2011. It would be more, but I’ve decided to diversify my workout routine – which I will talk about next time. From 230, I’m down to 217. My goal is 190 by July. I like the way things are going this time around.

So, let’s summarize, shall we? Was fat, got skinny, got lazy, got fat, got lazier, got sad, got fatter, getting skinny again, gonna run that stupid marathon. Any questions?

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