A 10K Recap And The 10 Mile Run That Was, But Wasn’t


Let’s cut out the fat and get to what matters on this post, shall we? Yes? Excellent.

February 18th was the George Washington Way To Go For Being You 10K (not official name). It was an 8am 10K in Alexandria (near my house) which wasn’t to far from my house which was pretty much the only reason I signed up for it (that, and it was the only 10K in the area no involving a ‘valentine’).

Going into the race, I wasn’t too worried. I had been able to run 6-7 miles numerous times on my own runs. I had run such runs enough times (about 3 or 4) where I felt confident that this 10K wouldn’t cause that much of a problem. I’ll show up, run 5 miles then do the rest while doing handstands, do a quick karate demonstration and call it a morning.

As with all races before it, this race has other plans for me.

Before the race, I was used to running 6+ miles with numerous nasty hills. This 10K only had 1 bridge to call a hill. The rest was flat. The race description was that it was a flat course so I had confidence for once going into the race.

I was using my new ipod that I just bought, the nano, the one thats the size of a quarter. It kinda sucks. I like to switch songs alot when I’m running and to do that you must ‘wake’ the ipod from its ‘sleep’ and the only button that does that also audibly recaps your current racing stats for you, which I hate. I usually don’t want to know how far I’ve run or how fast I’m running, but in order to switch songs I must hear both. It’s pretty annoying while your running, just take my word for it. I didn’t know about this because this was my first run with the new ipod. Poor planning I know, that’s kinda my thing.

I also didn’t calibrate the new gizmo, so it was recording everything alllllll wrong, so I never knew how fast I was running, which sucked. I didn’t want to run the first parts too fast and keep some energy for the end and wouldn’t you know it, I did the opposite. Because I didn’t know how fast I was going, I ended up running to hard in the beginning and was running on serious fumes at the end. The last 2 miles were filled with nothing but thoughts of ‘fake an injury and walk’ or ‘just walk’.

Luckily I didn’t stop to walk (I did actually stop for a second once cause my knee was having weird pains on the outside in mile 4, but that was brief and ended up being nothing). It ended up being a good run with a good sized crowd. It was in Alexandria, only 15 min from my house which was awesome.

I had to keep my wallet and keys in my car, unlocked, for a little over an hour in a parking garage which was a little nerve racking. But I figured no criminal worth their salt would think to break into an old Ford Taurus and find anything on value. I still keep my Boot (that I used to fix my stress fracture) in my back seat, which I think sends a message to all criminals that says “Foot pains? No? Then keep moving, ain’t nothing here”.

For my efforts, I got a very nice (quality) long sleeve shirt, 2 bananas, 2 5 hour energy drinks and 2 Muscle Milks (tasty! but expensive). I think all those together were worth the $30 entry fee, so I think I came out on top. Plus I got video of Mascot George Washington giving me water, so yeah, I came out on top. Race #2 of the year, done.

The rest of February sucked for me. I only got in 2 more runs in that month. I don’t want to get into details, but it was very hard to get back on the horse.

I wanted to brush the stink of February in a good way. A big way. On March 1st, I was stretching for the run when I got the wild idea to run 10 miles. My current best (this season) was 8 miles. My brain was in ‘screw it’ mode and my body wasn’t saying no.

The simplest/hardest way to do 10 miles around here is to do my 5 Hills Of Death loop. Twice.

I was on a gravy train to successville when at mile 7 my butt waived the “I need attention” flag. The rest of my body and brain said “No dice, we be running this, cram it for 3 miles”. Butt said “ok”.

At mile 8, my butt disregarded all flag policies and took the mic. “Look, long story short, its Go Time. My men are ready. I suggest all interested parties do the same”.

Brain went through every possible plan at hand and worst case scenarios, but it became clear; this shopping center I’m running by is gonna have to do. Run canceled, butt wins.

As I ran across the shopping center (its about 9ish PM), I’m looking at potential candidates (stores that are open). I wanted to avoid the obvious canidate but (butt) it was unavoidable; I had to hop scootch boogie into Harris Teeter. Face all red and full of sweat (and earphones still in), I ask the produce dude where the bathroom is. Now, I’ve lived across this place for more than a year and have shopped here many times, but the bathroom location alluded me.

He points straight up. “Upstairs, this wall”. Curses! I have to go across the store, walk upstairs, go back across the store (it’s a big store!) to find what I need to find.

I had delusions that I could keep a running pace, do what I had to do quickly, then finish that last mile and a half and get my 10 mile goal.

Alas, my butt had other ideas. I did what my butt wanted to do and walked out the store, full of sweat and crazy hair. As I walked out I saw my roommate checking out. Of course he was there to see this. I wanted to stop and tell him of my tale, but (butt) by then I had decided to run out my … run and get to 10 miles.

When I got to Harris Teeter, I was at 8.3 miles. Still my longest run (of this ‘season’), but I knew in my heart of hearts I could have gotten 10. I had it mapped out. I was ready. Dammit.

This Saturday I get to run the Irish Sprint 10K with a few special guests and with the added speculation that if I finish I get to register for the Marine Corps Marathon 2012. Alcohol may or may be involved afterwards.

Next Post: The Actual 10 Mile Run and The Irish Sprint 10K Recap

Post After That: Ouch, I’m Injured Again

One Response to “A 10K Recap And The 10 Mile Run That Was, But Wasn’t”

  1. Mom Says:

    Keep positive, keep strong. You’re my hero

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