Running Schedules, Running Tights, Running Goals, Running Out Of Things To Talk About


Feels weird not to have a post about 1) I’m hurt 2) I’ve started running again 3) Running is hard and stupid! 4) I ran but now I’m going to see the doctor.

That’s pretty much the pattern of my blogging career. Impressive as it may be, I’m afraid this post may run off the tracks a bit and go into ‘hooray for running and I plan to run more!’ territory.  Sappy, I know. I’m growing nostalgic for my early days of ‘running is super dumb and why am I doing this’ days. I was so much edgier then.

So yes, I’ve been able to run for a month and *knocking wood till my fingers bleed* not get injured. Feels great actually. It’s been a long, long time since I could just only worry about getting better and building endurance. I’m not doing much of either right now, but it’s real nice to just get out there and run, even in the cold (and it’s not even that cold, despite everyone complaining).

December to me was going through my first 2 phases of ‘starter running’; the ‘just get out there and run, stupid’ phase and the ‘shake off the rust’ phase. I’ve been through this many times so I knew what to expect. I knew at first I just had to get dressed and get out the door. Once out I’d start running. It doesn’t how far or fast you’re running at first, it only matters that you got yourself motivated to that point. The rest is gravy. In the beginning, it’s important to try and start habits, which may be the hardest part.

Once you’ve gotten yourself running (the hating it and yourself for doing it part is natural), you have to build a foundation of what you eventually want to build from. I wanted to spend 2 weeks just having runs between 1.5 and 3 runs, mostly in the 2 – 2.5 miles range; no less than 1.5 but push myself to run 3 miles. I wanted to lay ground work of what I’ll want to expect from my body and my mind. The miles themselves aren’t big numbers, but starting from scratch they are. I’ve just come from a long period of nothing but lazy habits, so I need to reteach everything not to quit at first signs of discomfort, which is hard. Breaking lazy habits is harder than breaking smoking habits. Believe me, I’ve done both.

Now that the holidays are over, it’ll be easier to settle into a more stable running pattern, especially when football ends in a month (which has killed any chance of Sunday or Monday runs). I’d like to fit in 4 runs a week from here on out. Having to work late on Fridays and Saturdays means that I’ll most likely have to work them during the Sunday-Thursday schedule. “Just run in the morning” said everybody. “No” said Mike. “Mike doesn’t operate and/or function in the mornings” said Mike, who now apparently speaks in third person on his blog. BRRRAAAHHMMM

I’ve also tried to figure out what races I want to run in. Races haven’t been my thing, but I’m going to make them my thing this year. It started when the only other person that’s not my mom commented on this blog (Hi Dan!) recommending that I run a half marathon as a goal in between the actual marathon. I didn’t actually start thinking seriously about the idea until last week once I got more comfortable running and being able to graft a time table for myself. There’s no denying it’s an excellent idea, one I will totally use.

The MCM 2012 is and always has been my first flag on the map. It’s a little less than 11 months away. I started looking for a half marathon somewhere in the middle.

I didn’t have to look far at all. May 20th, the Marine Corps Historic Half. Seems only right. Seems perfect. Done and done. 2nd flag planted.

To keep up motivation, I want to run at least 1 race a month till the marathon. I think Paul might of had that idea before, I’m not sure, but he’s not blogging much anymore so screw him I’m taking it. It’s a great idea regardless; give yourself motivation, give money to great charities, collect bibs, get t-shirts. The peeps at the gym are gonna get crazy jealous of my new wardrobe (for the record, yes I started going back to the gym and plan to keep doing it. I want muscles in my finish photo dammit).

So far, this is all I got:

Jan 8 – Frostbite 5K (Manassas, VA)

Feb 18 – George Washington Birthday Classic 10K (Alexandria, VA)

March 17 – Irish Sprint 10K (Quantico, VA)

May 20 – Marine Corps Historic Half (Fredericksburg, VA)

A good start. I’m happy with it. I’m ready for the 5K this weekend, but that 10K in February seems like a tough battle right now. I’m going to need the time to get ready for it. I can’t afford to sleep on the half marathon though. That is slowly taking all my previous focus away from the MCM. As it should. Dan’s advice is spot on.

With the 5K coming up this weekend, I knew I had to step up my mileage a little bit this week. I wanted to run a few times this week of at least 3 miles so I can get used to the distance and not look like a total ass outside my old gym in Manassas, where the race is being held (and only less than a mile from my old crappy job!). The beginning of the week also marked the beginning of it being cold. So nice to see you winter, where ya been? You’re a couple months late *pointing at watch*.

In case you don’t have Facebook, everyone who enjoys living inside has complained how cold it got. Seemingly out of nowhere! The nerve! I assume everyone I’m friends with either has to walk over 10 miles to work (uphill I assume) or works outside, because it’s actually not that cold outside. I still can barely see my breath when I run at night.

Any who, it’s gotten just cold enough for me to whip out and wear my running tights out without looking like a total goon. I love these things. I think I’ve already talked about my love affair with them, but allow me to reiterate: I feel awesome in them and it makes me feel faster. You can take whatever you want from that, but it makes my legs a little bit more warmer and makes my chicken legs feel not as … chicken-y.

Today marked the 4th day in a row I wore them, and I only ran the last 3 days. Math majors (and some minors) could deduct there was 1 day that I didn’t run but still wore them. I was actually called out to wear them out in public (Hi Stacy!) and did so accordingly. I know most people didn’t appreciate the lunges, but I just had to.

It’s only the beginning but I feel, so far so good. It’s the exact times like these when I realize how far I actually have to go. The road is very long, but at least I’m moving forward.


3 Responses to “Running Schedules, Running Tights, Running Goals, Running Out Of Things To Talk About”

  1. Mom Says:

    Just gotta get me a lobster dawg!! For those who dont know, Mike was the reigning king of sunburns, frm our many treks to OBX. My bf Jill crowned him our “lobster boyy”, complete w red lobster oven mitts!! Have many pix for sale!! But I digress. Michael, as queen of yr blog fan club, u just may have done the ‘miracle’ blog this time. Its 3am, have been comatose w/pesky cold for 2+ days, in bed, (at prev mentioned Jills), feeling like human slug. Zero resolutions kept since New Yrs/bday trek to Nyc w Mike n Megg.

    resolutions kept since my New Yr/bday trek to NYC, slug. Read n reread my Mikes 100% determined 2012 plan, and Boinkk, the litebulb moment. A flash. I can do it too!! I will get my own tennis shoes, on, tied, and get that 1st few miles behind me. Walk my beach. Breathe. Stretch mysrlf. No granny legs for me. (no tights either, sorry mikey;).

    • Mom Says:

      I.e…..thank you M for yr inspiration, this is my promise to my sun to get my butt going again to make him as proud of me as I am of him. I love u my Mikey

  2. Dan Duckwitz (@DanDuckw) Says:

    Great timeline Mike, glad to hear you are building up without issue. I didn’t run a half before baltimore but ran a 20K which is close to the distance. It’s a great confidence builder and learning experience. You will run into issues that just don’t appear in a 5K/10K race at that distance so its a great way to troubleshoot for the BIG day. The timing of the events will give you a gradual mileage build up and put you in a great place to have a nice little recovery after the historic and then train up for MCM I have been lazing around lately and I know that if I wasn’t already signed up for the Rock n Roll half in March I probably wouldn’t be getting back out there. But I did, so I will. PS running tights are awesome.

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