312 Days Left


I didn’t know how to start this post because I’ve already written it 2 or 3 times. This is the “I’ve started running again after quitting and/or injury and it’s hard” post. Part 4. Maybe 5.

To save you 1,200 words of reading, here is a summary of what I wanted to say again for the *counting on fingers, counts ring finger twice, gives up* time; When you are not in shape, running is an activity that can prove to be difficult.

In the last few days, I’ve re-read a lot of my old posts. The first reason was to make sure my previous posts didn’t make me look like too much of an idiot (sorry Stacy!). The second was to gauge how I reacted and responded to starting anew.

Loyal readers (Hi Mom!) will remember I’ve started and stopped to only start again weeks/months later many, many times. In the interest of Future Mike re-reading these (Hi Future Mike!) and just re-hashing things Previous Mike said, I’ll skip to talking about recent procedings.

It’s been about a month since my last post, where I tried to shake off the rust of being inactive too long. It was a futile effort because Thanksgiving was around the corner and that was the only excuse that derailed my weak start. That, and that stupid ass Nike + problem.

I decided not to run again till I got new shoes because I convinced myself that that was the only solution to my problem. It was too aggravating to me to run in my shoes; it kept resulting in wildly incorrect readings which is exactly what it would take to deflate my desire to run.

Luckily, my mamma (Hi Mom!) was coming into town and knew of my desire for new shoes and had graciously offered to buy my next pair from my favorite running store, VA Runners in Centreville (remember Mom, that’s supposed to be my only present, don’t do anything else!).  My new Nike kicks are pretty sweet and fell great.

I went home with them to test them out with my Nike + nonsense. Bad news was that they still only would read me running at an average 9’30” pace. I was pretty sure I was running at an 10′ – 10’30” pace. I ultimately decided just to say screw it and just have 9’30” be my new 10′-10’30”ish pace. Somethings rotten in Denmark and I can’t figure it out. I’m not running that fast. Not yet. But I’m not going to let it stop me from running anymore.

Once I got the shoes, I only ran twice in the first week. I can’t remember if my excuse was to not tire myself out or rain or if I was just lazy, but the bottom line was I shoulda ran more. I don’t want Fat Mike to dictate how or when I work out, I learned as much through older posts, I can’t afford to get lazy about how I tackle a far away goal.

Just having the giant carrot dangling in front of me (the Marine Corps Marathon 2012, which is 312 days away, for those really not paying attention) may not be enough inspiration to keep me running like I’ve thought in previous years. I used to think one goal is enough to persevere numerous hurdles over a long span to achieve it. That may be true for some, but I think over these last 2 attempts at this ‘long term goal’, I’ve learned that, for me, one goal isn’t going to cut it.

I want running to be my passion. It’s hard to force a hobby or an ‘exercise’ to become your passion. It used to be. I want to get there again. It’s hard when you’re not good at it. I used to be at least OK at it, but I want to get home from work and be excited to run, to be excited to beat my run from earlier in the week or from the week prior.

I want this to be the last time I have to write a “I’m starting anew, I’m doing it this time, dammit!” post.

The ‘one giant carrot’ in front of me won’t push me for 11 months this time. I’m going about things differently this time. Sure, in the coming months I’ll continue to write terrible posts about how running is boring except for how my own running experience is super cool. You’ll either think the posts are incredible (Hi Mom!), grammatically shameful (Hi Stacy!) or just ignore them (Hi Paul!).

But I’ll also be undergoing (started Dec 1, suckas) my own side project to keep myself not only motivated to run the MCM 2012 but to keep running constantly throughout every month till Race Day.

Then I have another project idea for Race Day.

I won’t disclose my plan(s) here, but I imagine getting them from me in person won’t require a great struggle.

I’m really excited about the plan; it throws together a new passion with an old one. A lot needs to happen for either to happen, but I like the idea of having 2 different year long ideas that feed each other. Sorry, but I’ll let you in on the other half in October.


I mean to honor the request of a new reader (Hi Stacy!) to picture my recent shopping habits. First, the picture, then my explanation:

Ok, with the new running comes the Mike Thinking that I should eat better to get in better shape, cause not eating complete crap and some exercise equals being more socially acceptable. I want to drop weight while adding a little muscle while not starving myself and not eating food ordered by a number.

Run? Check. Gym? Check. Eat Really Good? Ehhhhhh, I need help there. I’m notoriously a picky eater, not only in how I ‘pick apart’ my food, but in what I eat.

Long story short, I eat what I like. Don’t really try much outside of the “Mike Box”.

If I want to try and eat healthy, I have to try and find something I like that is healthy and eat a lot of it. My usual tastes usually end up in the ‘not healthy for you’ category. When I find something that isn’t universally panned for killing you or might be not terrible for you, and I like it, I’ll jump on it hard when I’m a ‘healthy’ kick.

2 shopping trips ago, Cheerios were on sale. I figured if I bought a lot I’d have to eat them (assuming I didn’t buy other ‘bad’ crap to eat). So I bought 5 boxes.

Last trip, Reduced Fat Triscuits were on sale. I figured if I had to snack on something, it might as well be them and not … I don’t know … regular chips? So I bought 7 boxes.

I’m trying to pin myself into eating better. Maybe it’s not considered ‘healthy’, but it’s a step in the right direction.

In closing, please tell me when things that are kinda healthy are on sale.

One Response to “312 Days Left”

  1. Mom Says:

    I just love u my darlin!! The split second I turn off all music/cell/lights… ag 330am ish…. what pops up but my fav blog from my fav son!! Who needs beauty sleep when yr this cute??!! Capt mom to the rescue, I will take u to the market nxt week. Will set u up w/fun, good for u food!! Oh, ooops, Santa kept xmas shopping 😉 love M

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