Not Quite The Start For Year 3 … But Close


We’re close. The current era of Lazy Mike is almost at an end. It’s gone on, admittedly, too long. I just haven’t felt the need to run or work out or forwardly progress toward my goal lately. Without the overhanging threat of an upcoming uncompleted goal, I’ve let Lazy Mike reign. It’s been a needed fun, relaxing and ‘eat whatever the hell you want’ period, but it needs to stop.

I’ve been reluctant to run recently because of my Ipod/Nike+ equipment has not been working recently; it constantly does not record my accurate pace (min per mile). Not even close. It makes me mad to no end. Such to where I won’t run because of it.

I’ve mentioned it a few times but, I didn’t run regularly before Nike + and I won’t run without it. I just don’t see the reason to run if its not being accurately recorded (to compare with past and future runs). Call me a product of the current video game generation, but if I don’t have accurate information of my activities that I can compare with my own history or that of others, I don’t see the point.

I use Nike+ as motivation to run farther and get better. If I don’t have an accurate record of how I’m progressing, I’ll lose interest … fast.

I don’t want to look back, but I might have said that same sentence, verbatim, in an earlier post.

Anyway, it’s been hard for me to run lately with my Average Pace being so screwed up. In the last 6 months, I’ve bought an additional 2 Nike+ Sensor Kits and 1 Ipod Nano to correct the problem, but to no avail, as of 2 weeks ago, my equipment at times still thinks I run at a 5 min/mile pace (I can’t do that, I like it when I run a 10 min/mile pace).

I emailed the Nike + people over the course of 2 days going back and forth of my problems and what I’m using (equipment wise) and how I’m using it and giving me a couple troubleshooting suggestions. I try them and no dice. Boo.

The next email tells me to call Nike + cause this is a weird problem. I call and go through my problems (multiple Ipod Nanos, multiple Nike+ Kits, still an Average Pace problem) and then try and give some more troubleshooting solutions. I say ok, I’ll try em, but I’ll probably end up calling the next day.

Guess what? None of the suggestions work. I call again, asking if there’s anything else I could possibly do. They say not really. They say I should call Apple, maybe theres a problem with my Ipods.


I call Apple. After a whole whoodeewhoo, I get the main girl in charge. I give here the whole story of whats happened and what I’ve tried. She’s been with Apple since the start of Nike+ and has never heard of this problem. What luck!

Couple more suggestions and officially Nike + and Apple have no answers to my problem. I take no solace in stumping both of them.

My next course of action is to investigate my theory that both sides said ‘didn’t matter’, the theory of that my personalized orthopedic soles in the shoes may have done something.

“I doubt they made any difference, the sensor is secure in the holding in your shoe” said both Nike + and Apple.

So as is typical with any idea of mine that gets shut down, I get behind it evenmore so.

I try an old shoes insole in my shoe that holds the Nike+ sensor and try to re-calibrate it. I don’t get the exact readings I want, but its close. No longer does my Average Pace sometimes dip to 7,6 or 5 min/mile, but it keeps a steady 9min/9:30min per mile pace, which I figured, while running, was about a minute off.

But hell, that’s progress, and that’s something I can live with, for now.

I plan on getting new shoes to start the new training with. Hoping they solve that problem.

I ran today. Not far. Barely made it 1.25 miles. And it was tough.

Lazy Mike did a work on me, but I think I’m ready to let Active Mike take the reigns. About 49 weeks left.

Consider this the pre “I’ve officially started …. again” post.

Planning on doing 1 post a week. Every Thursday night. Cause blogging about running anymore than that would just be crazy.

Let’s hope 2012 is fulled with dog pictures and injuries that don’t happen in the last months before the marathon. And also a kick ass Avengers movie.


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