Plan For 29


FYI, surfing dogs is the theme of this short post.

So the marathon is a scant 3 weeks away. I’ve made my peace of not running it. I still don’t enjoy all the emails and facebooks posts I get about it. I haven’t deleted yet because I still want to use it as motivation.

Ever since I got the boot put on, I’ve been in full blown Fat Mike mode, meaning no exercise and eating whatever I want. I’ve tried to ween myself out of Fat Mike and into Active Mike slowly but with little avail. 2 weeks ago was the time where I could start running 1 – 2 times a week from the doctor. I’ve only run twice since then. The runs were fun and exhilarating, in the way that I missed running, but they were hard for me, especially since they were only like 1.5 miles each.

October snuck up on my like it always does. Before I knew it, I had only 2 weeks till by birthday. My birthday hasn’t been a thing on my radar for a long while so when the shadow draws near I dread it; I never know how to celebrate it properly, if I should at all. This year I’ll let the chips fall where they may. I’m more interested in the year after.

I’ll turn 29 next Saturday. I haven’t given much thought to the number, except for that its a little close to 30 for my liking. 30 is a number a lot of people dread I suppose, a number I guess represents not being young anymore. There’s a big jump from your ‘twenties’ and your ‘thirties’.

On the ride home from work one day, I thought about how I’d attack the 2012 marathon. 6 months of training? How would I train? I’ve tried twice and got injured both times. How do I make this third try different?

It’s not so much as making it different as it is as making it longer.

I don’t want to be lazy about this attempt. I don’t want to take weeks or months off. A crazy thought entered my brain which I haven’t been able to shake and I’m just gonna go with it cause why not; I’m gonna train all year.

I have 2 goals. I have 2 things I want to say in October 2012:

1: I’m 30 and have never been in better shape

2: I’ve run a marathon

If I had 3 things I’d like to say the 3rd would be ‘The Avengers was the best comic book movie I’ve seen by far’, but I won’t hold my breath but I am hopeful.

*passes out*

*wakes up sweating*

*fanning self nervously*

Ok, well … ya, it’ll be good

*remembers reading about a scene where the bad guy says “I’ve amassed an army” and Iron Man says “Oh, well we have a Hulk”*

*passes out*

*wakes up*


*remembers about Hawkeye*

*passes out*

*wakes up*

So ya, I’m totally serious about training and running this damn marathon next year.

Then seeing The Avengers right after.

One Response to “Plan For 29”

  1. Dan Says:

    Hey man, why don’t you sign up for a half as a goal to keep you moving and build base miles in the mean time? Were u using the Nike plans? They seem like they have a lot of miles if your goal is just finish the race, I would try one of the Hal Higdon plans, I’m using Novice 1 right now.

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