It’s Gonna Have To Be Next Year … Again


Bah. This is the post I really didn’t want to write this year. I knew this go around would be tougher with the limited time but I thought a healthy 4 months with positive motivation would win the day. Unfortunately, a stress fracture in my left foot had other ideas.

Saw my doctor a couple days ago to get an update on my foot. I’ve been in a big boot for 3 weeks and this was my follow up. After 6 X Rays (the new girl and the newer girl messed up the first 4), it seems like my foot is good to go. Doctors orders says stay away from running for a couple weeks and when I decide to start again I should only run 1 or 2 days a week for the first couple weeks.

There was just a slimmer of hope that … well as I imagined it … that my doc would look at his watch, scream “Great Scott!”, toss me my running shoes, tell me how much time till the marathon, then I’d train like never before.

I kinda shot myself in the foot of any possible triumphant quick to return running plans by becoming the Anti Activity Mike (AKA Fat Mike) during my time in Das Boot. No gym, no running and no healthy eating in that time quickly diminished all I had worked hard for in the 2 months that I really went at it.

I knew what I was during that time, but I secretly knew I wasn’t going to run the marathon … again … this year because of a stupid injury. I was bummed. Moreso this time cause I was behind the 8ball and was working harder than before to do it. But I knew this years chance was out of grasp. Again.

So, ya, I won’t be running in this years Marine Corps Marathon.

Typing that sentence sucks.

I wish the best for Team Azalea and hope they raise a ton of money for The Wounded Warriors Project.

They’ll be a big inspiration for my training for the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon.

3rd times a charm.

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