Slowly, Progress Is Being Made. Slowly.


Getting right into it, I feel like these last couple weeks I’ve been able to actually test my endurance. Maybe it was a mental block or the actual heat, but I felt that I couldn’t push myself time and mileage wise because of the weather. Maybe it was an excuse because the weather hasn’t been thaaaat much different lately, albeit a little cooler (meaning not as crazy record breaking hot), but I’ve felt good at night while running. Not September or October good, but good for August.

As mentioned in a previous post or 2, Arlington is quite hilly, well at least where I am. I am no fan of hills and I am constantly on the losing end of our battles. They make it difficult in these precious early stages when I’m trying to build up endurance. Being the brainiac that I am, I’ve devised a route with very little emphasis on hill and more on flat earth. It’s a path that requires a lot of back tracking and only lasts 2-3 miles, but hey, just like I told Babe, “that’ll do, pig”.

Couple weeks ago I thought I’d test myself by running my old 5 mile loop around the neighborhood and thus making big strides and start to feel like my old self. Only flaw in that plan is the loop is crazzzy hilly (ya, 3 z’s hilly!). I was promptly defeated; cut the run short to 4 miles and walked twice. Since then I’ve stuck to my Flat Earth Route and a few times dabbled at our local high school track, which can get really boring after lap 1.

The track isn’t too bad; if I time it right I can catch a pick up game of soccer on the infield. Its a sad state of affairs when a pick up soccer game alleviates boredom. Track running is quite boring and offers no real stories so I don’t have much to offer there, but good news; on my last run there; high school band practice AND high school field hockey practices have started! So not only do I get to hear the Star Wars Imperial Death March butchered for an hour, I get to look at anything that’s not the field hockey practice on the infield (I’m not going to be that creepy old guy).

I do wonder what high school girls think about a slightly out of weight 28 year old with a mohawk slowly running around a track while constantly figgiting with his earbuds while looking at the trees …. “what a neato dude” is probably not one of them … probably because of the reasons I just listed and because no one has ever said that.

So running at night has become a bit more tolerable. Its becoming more what I want; not a run against the weather but a run against what I can do. Last week I was able to give myself my first test; a pre run goal that I didn’t think I could do but I should be able to do, 6 miles.

Holy Moley they're all smiling! Fantastic!

Mid way thru the 6 mile run goal became ‘just run for 60 minutes’ because of my stupid Ipod. Its been acting up recently. It has this awful problem of mis judging my runs; it’ll start recording my runs at the waaay wrong mile/min pace. It’ll be working fine for awhile then out of nowhere, it’ll start recording my run like I was running a 5 minute a mile pace. That sucks because it screws up my mileage, so when I check it during my run, the numbers are way off, which is deflating for me when I run.

I’m very dependent on my Nike+ sensor and this wouldn’t be the first time that I say that I probably wouldn’t be running without it. I’m very attached to the idea of my runs being accurately recorded. I actually have 2 Nike+ sensors cause I’m weird. I’ve tried both on my Ipod while running when this problem became more apparent, but the problem has continued so I’ve come to the brilliant conclusion that my Ipod is dumb and no longer likes me. It works perfectly fine in every other aspect. I’m listening to it right now actually. But I’ve concluded it does not accurately record my runs so I have purchased a newer, greener one on eBay.

A waste of money? Sure. But I really need that assurance when I run, I really really hate it when I catch my Ipod clocking me in at a 5min10sec mile pace. Its infuriating. I’ve cursed out way to loud on too many occasions (which is not cool, especially at night). I want the peace of mind and to be able to think about other things … like how much further I should run and how much running is actually boring and holy crap whats that pain in my knee and why am I sweating this much at mile 2 and why is all the sweat somehow in my ear and is it time to take off my shirt and … well you get the idea, I don’t want to think why my Ipod hates me.

So ya, I wanted to run 6 miles but the Ipod went crazy so I settled for running for 60 minutes, which was/is no easy feat for me right now. I spent about 3 of those miles on the high school track and the rest running to and from. I was able to do it, which was a nice feather in my cap right now.

My basic plan is to try and increase my longest run distance by a mile every week. Probably not doable, but seems like a easy to remember plan of attack that keeps that dangeling carrot always in-front of me; always giving me something to run for.

Yesterday I did a 70 min run, which felt good after. I’m proud of myself for doing it and being able to do it. I have a new weird pain on the bottom of my foot, on the opposite side of my arch as a result. Feels weird when I walk, not quite a pain but its something that I don’t plan on lingering on and I might have to set up a doctor appointment soon so that I can nip it in the butt if it continues cause dammit I don’t need this … we’re making progress! Slowly!

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