Be More Like The Man You Were Made To Be


Regular readers (Hi Mom!) will notice the headline is not 1) a bad play on words or 2) obviously pointing out the time between posts. But they would also note that The Flash is back in my stable of pictures! Hizzah!

Except super sike. I just realized that I’ve done Thor and Captain America in my last 2 posts, so in the interest of The Avengers, introducing …

… Iron Man filled picture filled post! Exciting, yes? Not really? Ok then, well … onto my continuing exploits into the facinating world of running!

I’m not going to mince words: I am not a fan of the month of July. I’ll expand further and proclaim that I am no fan of the season of summer. The older I get and the whiter I get the less summer becomes important. When I was a wee one, summer was all I lived for because it came with a built in vacation and countless trips to the pool plus a week long trip to what people now call the OBX (Outer Banks, NC for those unhip). Now, it’s another season I have to deal with that offers no extra incentive to the other seasons but it still brings the unrelenting negatives: scorching heat and humidity.

Being a good part Irish and thus painfully white, the sun has become my natural enemy in these last few years. As a runner, these 2 villains make things quite hard. I knew starting out ‘from scratch’ as a runner in the beginning of July would be tough, but I didn’t really expect the record heat we (in VA) got in the last 2 weeks.

As I’ve said, my mentality and passion in running is strong still, even with the months of no running. I still have the desire to get better at this, to reach my end goal. I know now what it’ll require. Start slow. Run a mile here, run a couple miles there at the start. And then there will come the time when you feel comfortable in yourself (and your engine/legs/ankles/kness) to push your limits and make your body do more than what it wants.

The thing is, at least for me, I can’t do exactly that in this awful heat. I’ve been running at 830pm or later these last 2 weeks and I still haven’t run in 90 degrees or less. I remember trying to run in the July heat these last 2 summers and it sucking, but I don’t remember being beaten so easily as I have these last 2 weeks. I know I’m just getting back on the saddle, but I was hoping I’d be able to get back to where it was easier than this. Sure its dis-concerning, but I’ve been trying to keep positive about it, knowing that in late August or early September cooler winds will prevail and running will become much easier.

July has been, and I suspect some of August,  an exercise in what I’m willing to do rather than what I can do. These last couple weeks I wanted to push myself in endurance and see what I can do. Time is not my friend so I can’t afford to waste a lot of time, especially starting from scratch. It’s been frustrating to not make the progress I want to make, but I’m remaining positive and going out running 4-5 times a week. My motto is “keep your legs moving”. Doesn’t have to be fast, but just keep them legs moving is what I tell myself.

Its 3 months away, but the marathon in the same way seems so far away in that I can’t run the mileage but at the same time seems so close cause 3 months will be here before I know it.

I didn’t like my runs in the last few weeks cause my nike + sensor was acting a fool. It was recording false times/paces for me which was making me mad and making me quit my runs sooner than I wanted. But luckily I found out the problem so that I don’t have to buy a new one or ipod (yet).

So in a nutshell, these last few weeks of running has been constant, but with less than ideal temperatures. I would like to be further along in my ‘training’ than where I am (meaning I can’t run as far as I would like), but my desire and determination remains stronger than ever. Which leads me to the blog title.

Its a line from a song from a band everyone else has known about for a while but one I’ve just now started listening to; Mumford and Sons.

Its a line I heard after a run, while I was walking home at night after a run, breathing heavily and thinking about how I’m supposed to tackle all of this.

Its a line that hit me at the exact right time. A time looking for inspiration and a line with just the right message.

Its a line that became my confidence. I adopted it as my own. Alone it speaks not to specifics, but take it as it is and direct it to what you want it to and it is powerful.

Its a line that’s supposed to speak to higher virtues in a man, but for now I’m taking it as I’m supposed to run in the Marine Corps Marathon 2011.

P.S. – MOM – You’ll love this band, download or at least Youtube them. It’s a great CD to play in the living room.

2 Responses to “Be More Like The Man You Were Made To Be”

  1. Momma Roberts Says:

    You’re sooo inspiring and awesome!!! After kicking the Marathons booty, you must be a motivational speaker, really. I continue to be the proudest Mommy in the Land, you are my Sonshine and I couldn’t LOVE you more, Muahhh

  2. Momma Roberts Says:

    Love that song by Mumfords, but no one rivals STP

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