I’m Almost Ready To Declare It “Go Time” For The 43rd Time


Loyal readers (Hi Mom!) will notice the above image is not A) a dog in costume or B) The Flash. I would declare that any reader, old or new, be quite attentive.

I might be guilty of only posting pictures of The Flash or dogs in hilarious costumes. I will forgo such habits in light of July 4th and post only pictures of an icon all should know of, Captain America. I think that I decided that I’ll be Cap for Halloween this year but that’ll depend on a few factors… mainly being if I can get in something resembling what people call “shape”. To do as much, I’ll need to be able to run on a constant basis.

Transition sentence.

So remember when I last posted saying I was eagerly awaiting insoles that were specially made for my feet?  No? Then read my last post. And then all my other ones, cause they are all equally important to this story (not really) and also quite hilarious (not really).

Ya, so I got my specially made insoles. My ankle dudes office is literally less than a mile away from my house here in Arlington. I got the call that my insoles had arrived, which delighted me because they actually came before July. Me: “Radical. Can I come by now and pick them up, I’m literally up the street …. on 22nd St.” Her: “No, you must make an appointment.”.

Me: ” ….. really, cause I can come up there right now. *pause* … I can be up there in less than 4 minutes.”

Her: “I’m sorry, you’ll need an appointment.”

Me: “Nuts. What’s your earliest time then?”

Her: “……… its seems *2 weeks from then*”

Me: “Crap, I was only hoping to get these insoles quickly cause I need them to start running.”

Her: “Oh …. ok ……. well it seems…. hold on …. can you do tomorrow at 2pm?”


And that’s the story of me setting up a doctors appointment. Exciting? No. Essential to the story I’m not telling well? No. Jazz hands? Yes. *ironically throwing up some serious jazz hands*.

So as I walk towards/into the doctors office, I notice that my ankle is hurting like it haven’t in a couple weeks. This actually excites me because everytime I’ve gone to a doctor about my ankle/foot problems, they always stop hurting the day of the appointment. Which always left me feeling like that Looney Tunes cartoon …

I was quite glad my reason for needing the doc in the first place decided to show its face. I showed up and was put into the same waiting room. A nurse like person gave me my new insoles and told me to put them in my shoes; the doc would watch me walk up and down the hallway, judging my movement and seeing if they were comfortable to me.

I was very skeptical from the get go. I had bought nice insoles from the running store eons ago and they had been ok. A couple years ago when my old ankle doctor dude told me I’d need these, but for $500 cause my insurance didn’t cover it, I laughed at it and thought I’d simply solve it myself.

And I did, for a spell. When the problem came back, it didn’t go away as easily as last time. I was skeptical of how this special insole, even though made for me, would help me quickly get back on the horse.

Well Holy Crap.

I shoved those insoles in my running shoes, put my feet in, laced em up, stood up, and by god, they felt great. Immediate difference. I haven’t even taken a step. It already feels like I’m stepping on something softer. And I feel taller.

The nurse like person stood there looking at me as I smile like I’ve got straight A’s on my report card when the good Doctor walks in. It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve last seen each other, he politely asks what my problem was and how I felt.

I said “Good. Real good actually”. I haven’t taken a step yet. I wanted to tell him how I was hurting a little bit on the walk here, but before I could (and did), I was walking up and down the hallway. No pain. No nothing.

The insoles were doing the job; they were evenly distributing the pressure along my bottom of my foot, instead of my heel absorbing a lot of it, which aggravated my tendonitis a great bit previously.

I was shocked. I had no idea these stupid insoles would so quickly relieve me of that pain.

I told the Doc about how I had no improvement in my ankle in the 2 weeks we last meet; no running, no exercise, nothing to aggravate it beyond regular walking.

He and I had hoped I’d get a lil better in that 2 weeks. If these insoles didn’t quite do the job, the next step would be cortisone injections. That sounds pretty extreme, that sounds like what athletes get at halftime to continue the game, not what stupid me’s get to try and train for something they’re not apt to do.

Doc said give myself 1 to 2 days of getting used to the insoles before running. And to run on a trail or something softer, not concrete.

I was too anksish, just after 24 hours later I was out on a brief trial run.

I had meant to only run on an even surface for a mile, but I had quickly decided to test my insoles early; on sidewalk and up a big hill, a hill which had sent my ankle pain into a frenzy anytime I had attempted it in the last 3 months.

Much to my shock, there was little pain. I could hardly believe it.

The other thing I could hardly believe was I was damn near out of breath, and I was only a half mile into my run as I was coming atop the hill.

I ran most of the way home and walked a part of it back, as to not test it too hard. The whole run was a success in my eyes, I was able to run up the big hill without pain that i couldn’t before. Progress.

The next day at work we were so bored that most of the office left to go play pickup basketball, as to practice for our basketball summer league ‘office team’. I didn’t bring my ankle brace that day, but was pretty much able to play an hour+ of shooting around/knockout/2 on 2 without noticeable pain (only during the 2 on 2 did I feel it, I now know I can’t explode off my right foot like I want).

Today, the 2nd, I was able to run 1.25 miles without stopping on a high school track (in about 138 degrees midday) with about .75 miles of walking afterward and .35 miles worth of ‘stadiums’ . Not a lot at all, but its a start. And that’s all I’ve wanted in a long time, a fresh start.

I really hope I’m crossing that corner on this injury that’s been keeping me from running, but today allowed me to peek around the other corner and taste how hard its going to take to do what I want to do.

And my goal has never seemed so far away; but yet I’ve never seemed so eager to get it.

Oh ya, It’s Go Time.

3 Responses to “I’m Almost Ready To Declare It “Go Time” For The 43rd Time”

  1. Mpm type Says:

    Cartoons…good!! News about insoles working…priceless!!!! Soo pumped for you Mannets, really a long valiant road for you, back to the Quest!! I declare myself humbly to be your and Paul’s Number 1 fan, as it is 5:38am and lovingly replied instead of down oadingmusic 🙂 Sooo proud of you Mikey however far your new feet take you. I love you, Mom type person

  2. Mpm type Says:


  3. Momma Roberts Says:

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! you didn’t get my 5:30am post???? Thought I’d blow you out of water!!!! errrrrr….will repost Mon!! ILY

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