In Which Our Hero Does The Thing He Should Have Done In The Beginning


And by ‘hero’ I mean me of course. Who else posts on here?

I’ll keep this short on that account that … I don’t have much to talk about. Good start.

Actually saw an ankle doctor today. A visit where I did most of the talking and as it turns out, most of the diagnosing. There was little in the way of advice or counsel given. I told him my tale of woe; I hurt my ankles centuries ago only to have the same pain return recently. I outlined the path of pain along my leg and told grand tales of my own ideas of combating the pain. I actually brought with me my 3 ankle braces I wear (in rotation, but I usually just wear the one I’ve had for years, being a creature of habit that I am) to see if they were cool to wear. I was secretly hoping that he’d pick 1 that was best; almost a The Bachelor kinda thing. He did not pick a certain brace due to maximum usefulness, but calmly nodded in agreement that wearing them is a good idea.

I told him of my radical plan to combat my ailment; wear a brace and wear my running shoes and not run. I told him what I thought I had and how I diagnosed it (Goggle). I told him about my first ankle appointment years ago (I think my 3rd or 4th post on here) and that they told me I would need insoles made from a scan of my feet.

He nodded again and told me nothing new: what I was doing to help myself was actually a not dumb idea, what I had was PT Tendonitis (or as I called it “PT … TB Tendon something”), and that getting insoles for my shoes based on my foot structure would be ideal.

I’ve been told this before, only then my insurance didn’t cover it and it’d cost hundreds of dollars for what amounted to just plastic crap in my shoes … that I already have. Good news came way (rare for me) in that my newly found insurance covers. It all. When he left the room to lead me to the room with the fancy machines, I high fived myself. Side Note: I only got an insurance card in the mail, not a pamphlet telling me what my insurance actually covers, I was merely there hoping they took Visa and that I wouldn’t get me pants pulled down in cost. Turns out my insurance kicks a bunch of ass and covers a lot.

Embarrassing self-congratulations aside, I hopped on an oddly tall/big doctor type chair reserved for when you’re gonna get blood drawn. One at a time, I put a foot on what seemed like a photo scanner (with slow moving long white light to go with it) which fed into a lab top, gave my shoe size, weight and birthdate, and apparently I’ll have Mike Roberts Feet insoles of my very own in 10 business days for the low low cost of nothing.

My, what a difference a couple years and a few different jobs makes.

So I’ve been told to lay off running till I get the insoles. I also brought up the fact of my P90X experience, more precisely my Plyometrics routine (as discussed last post). He immedietly shook his head and said “No… No… don’t do that, not yet. No No”. Done and done. My lazy butt will take that as a sign to stop doing P90X for now and stick to the gym. P90X was quite hard in of itself, but it was also hard to fit into my own schedule, one that is not set in its hours and also I do it in our living room which requires the main TV, and I feel like a dick if I have to quarantine it from the other 2 just for my stupid (but painful) exercises.

This went on longer than intended, but the short and sweet of it is that I hope to be functional by early July, giving me my 4 months of training I want. I still think it might not be enough, seeing that I have to start from scratch … again. I sure as shit don’t wanna miss the marathon again, so I’ll just have to buckle up and get to work … assuming Mr Ankle is up to it.

One Response to “In Which Our Hero Does The Thing He Should Have Done In The Beginning”

  1. Momma Roberts Says:

    GREATTTTtttttttt news Mikey!!!! You’re a free insole away from pain free running … again!!!! Congratulations !!! (I left a message on your phone, call any time, called you at midnight, after work) I love you M

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