A New, Probably Flawed, Plan Of Attack


Less than 5 months remain till Marathon Day. This ‘not running’ nonsense needs to stop soon and some major ass kicking is going to have to be brought.

It’s been a little over a month since I re hurt my ankle. I’m no doctor, but I believe my old friend Mr. Tendon Alongside My Ankle/Leg is back to his old bag of tricks. The pain/discomfort I get now is not the same as the pain I got when trying to run after the other time I tried to ruin my ankle and turned it into a softball.

The good thing about being incredibly good looking and having the same ankle problem pop up is that I can look back on old blog posts and see how I combated this foe before. Going back and reading some of my posts I’ve found out; A) My original intent on writing here to make Future Mike (now Present Mike) laugh is a success so far and B) It seemed that taking time off from running (a skill I’ve mastered multiple times over) was the remedy. Oh, also, C) Pirate Dog!

5 months left till race day means the key ingredient of that remedy is in way short supply. The doctor said, way back when, that I should get insoles for my shoes from a mold of my foot that would help the stray tendon back into place. I think that’s whats wrong, or what was wrong, the tendon isn’t torn or nothing, just kinda outta place, which still sucks. My current plan of just wearing my running shoes (with fancy insoles inside) everywhere I go seems to be working so far. During May I would try running once a week with bad results. I wouldn’t make it a mile before having to walk because the pain would flair (WOOOOO!) up.

I would go running because after a week of not running my ankle would start to feel real good (meaning no pain in certain movements where there was pain). Each time I would pretty much set myself back a few days and the pains would return in certain movements. I haven’t run now in a good bit and I gotta say I haven’t *knocking on wood feverishly* felt any pain, no matter the movement, which I’m taking as good news.

Now I’m not gonna make the mistakes of last month. No sir. Against what I actually wanna do, I’m going to put off running for June. 4 more weeks of sweet ankle rest. That means my official marathon training will start July 1st. I wanted to start June 1, giving me a good 5 months to do what needs to be done but I want to play it safe. Hopefully 4 months is enough. It might not be enough to get me where I’d like to be, but it’ll have to do.

Now my new plan isn’t all about just sitting around waiting for jerks to heal. Oh no, I’ve done topped myself in the ‘stupid ideas’ category this time. See, I don’t want to come out the gate cold in July, I’d like to be in relative good shape for the 4 months of hell I’ll be putting myself through. It is true that I’ve been going to the gym regularly recently (thanks for noticing) but I don’t think that’ll give me what I need (more of a vanity thing I think). In my brilliant wisdom, yesterday I decided to enlist the help of P90X. I started yesterday and it seems that the point of the program is to destroy you as a human being, mentally and physically. Its brutal, but I think it’ll do me good till I can return to running. Your supposed to do it for 90 days, but for now I’m planning on doing the first 30, and seeing if I can fit that in with marathon training later. That in itself seems like a suicidal idea, but I kinda look forward to it.

Last bit of good news: today’s exercise thingy was Plyometrics, which involves a lot of jumping. Naturally, I didn’t know this going in, so it was a pop quiz for my foot that had been feeling good as of late. I’m happy to report that it for the most part passed. There were a lot of exercises I didn’t think it could (or should) do, but it made it through with no lingering pains (so far).

So that’s my dumb plan: more ankle rest mixed with extreme exercise routines. God willing I’ll be all hands on deck come July. A smart person might consult a doctor but I’ll do things my way, like I usually do, for better or worse. Usually worse.

P.S. – I’m not totally dumb, I think I just got insurance from my new job (oh stop groaning, at least I have a job now) so I’ll go check out Doctor FootDude if I do.

2 Responses to “A New, Probably Flawed, Plan Of Attack”

  1. Momma Roberts Says:

    Oh how I love my brilliant Dr …errrrr…… SON!!!!

  2. Giuseppe Says:

    Oh how I love my brilliant Dr …errrrr…… SON!!!!

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