Sidelined … Aaaaaaaaagain


Sweet Christmas, has it been since the Ides of March since I’ve last posted? Well the headline kind of gives away what I wanted to talk about but do allow me to catch you up on what has transpired since the last post … because I know you’re just dying to know.

March 15 – March 30: *Analyzing Nike+ Runs graph* It seems I got lazy after my last post and didn’t run for a week but then put together an impressive 6 runs in 8 days. I don’t remember getting hit by a car or superkicking anybody so I’ll assume nothing terribly important happened during the runs.

April: No good news here. It seems I take another week off and not do another run till April 6. I put in 4 runs that week, including a 5 mile run with my roommate Garrett in which I run a personal best 9min40sec pace during a 5 mile run. Confidence at an all time here! But I am unable to slingshot that into more runs as I only log 2 more runs in April.

Sad note. While helping Garrett carry his bed into his room, I have a misstep while going down a stair and gently/mildly piss off my previously hurt ankle. I go to my room and sit down and take off my shoe and sock and watch my ankle with cautious eyes. No noticeable swelling unlike last time. Good. Doesn’t hurt like the dickens (side note; do I capitalize Dickens? Spell-check says no. If my last name were a adjective for pain, I’d want it capitalized). Good. But there is slight pain when I move it certain ways. Guhhhh, I’ve been here before. I think I know what I need to do, but first I had to check with Dr Dog Doctor to be sure.

My previous thoughts and his casual demeanor / red dog bone logo lead me to think I should not run on my ankle for a week or 2. And for those who think its crazy to take ankle advice from a dog in obviously not fake doctors clothes, I’d like to remind you that I don’t have health insurance (yeeeeessss, still) and this was the best I could google image and totally not make up at the last second.

So I took 2 weeks off of running around Mount Arlington and instead hit the bikes at the gym (yes, I’m actually going regularly … since May 1 and a few times in April). I am unfamiliar with the bikes at the gym as I always got my cardio kicks outside on the streetz. The first day was awkward and quite painful. I just hoped on a regular bike, small seat, handle bars that took your heartbeat, and a monitor dashboard with all the whatnots and whathaveyous that bike people need.

Yes, it happened exactly like this

The experience was confusing at first as I didn’t know how to advance my “level” and didn’t really know how fast or how long I was supposed to go, but I eventually ended up doing numerous “fat burn” and “cardio” exercises that kicked the crap out of me for 50 minutes, especially the stupid “cardio” setting, which seemed to only test you on how quickly your spirit can be destroyed.

I believe my problem was the bike I chose. As I said, it has a small bike seat, unlike the bikes to my left which had bigger … uh, ‘assed’ seats where you seemed to be in a more horizontal stance than my vertical, smaller … uh, ‘assed’ counterpart. I’ll admit to maybe going way too long on my first go around but sweeeeeeeetttt hooooollly moley was my best asset (aka my butt) sore when I got to my car and evenmoreso when I got home.

I mean good lord I moaned and groaned like I’ve been to war when I sat down, and believe me, I love sitting down, it is not something I anguish or loathe. I do believe it to be the contort of the seat that lead to the unease of my fair bottom and it was a mistake I have not made since; I have stuck to the machines with the more ‘butt friendly’ seats since.

So ya, 2 weeks on the machines and I thought it’d keep my legs fresh as I let stupid no good ankle sit in the corner and think about what he did. During then I was getting myself amped up for running, thinking about how little time is left till October and how I should start getting focused. I gave a few days thought to when I should start officially “training” and I eventually landed on June 1, which would give me 5 good months of what I need to get my stupid butt in shape.

I wasn’t having the usual normal pains or discomforts I was kind of having while taking corners while walking or going up stairs or other situations that’d give me any sort of mild discomfort, so I thought yesterday would be a good day to try a simple, 2-3 mile run.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, I barely made it .70 miles before I had to start walking the rest of the way home because of some sort of  ankle pain, not exactly like last time, but something that felt like I shouldn’t be running on it. It didn’t hurt as much as I walked on it but more so when I ran. It doesn’t seem serious but does seem like something time will need to work its magic on.

I’m deathly afraid that this is a ripple of me not going to the doctor immediately after me doing whatever I did to my ankle last time, like it didn’t properly heal or something.

I can’t afford to see the likes of Dr Dog Doctor again, so my plan of action now is to wear my (new) ankle brace everyday with my running shoes (with the stupid expensive insoles) instead of the ‘slippers’ I have been wearing regularly, which I now think can’t have been great for my ankles. I’ll do this while still hitting the bikes at the gym till June 1st where hopefully I can officially announce my 1st Day of Official Training. Plus, next post (as long as I’m good to run) I’ll announce who I’ve decided to run for.

Dog picture!

One Response to “Sidelined … Aaaaaaaaagain”

  1. Momma Roberts Says:

    AAaaarggghhhhh my Mikey!!!! (Capt Jack Sparrow) When can you get that insurance?? I’m sending you moolah so you can get that aching butt to a foot doctor, asap. Hate to think of you in pain, and, maybe making that ankle worse. ohhh ILY

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