Project H.H.B.R. Is Back On


A project I tried before with quasi positive results is having the dust blown off it and being thrown back into active duty.

Its common knowledge between paupers and kings that I’m incredibly good looking. But I’m not at 100% sexy right now, it seems this Death Star is only operating at 75-80 percent capability. I got lazy, got injured, drove by a Wendys, saw a shiny spoon, and poof…before you know it all the work I did working towards the 2010 MCM marathon was gone (meaning I gained back all the weight I lost, try and keep up, #wavingawkwardlyatthetummylovers).

I kind of lost my way for about 3 weeks were I became unemployed again (this time not my fault) where I lost all motivation and desire to run. But the good news is I found a new gig in the last 2 weeks which I’m actually happy to have and said lost desire/motivation is slowly trickling back.

It’s hard to get out there and run, starting from scratch, with no visible goal in sight. All I have is the MCM in 2011 that I’m set up for. Other than that … maybe bikini season?

I may have already said this a thousand times, but the hardest thing about running is convincing yourself to get out there and run. Once your out there its different, but telling yourself its a good idea to do it is something else. I failed in that respect (again) for the last few weeks but I can say with a little confidence that I’m back out there ready to do it up.  As extra incentive to get my ass active, I signed up to a gym. Its directly on my path from work to home so theres no real reason to not to go, plus I paid a stupid “initiation fee” or whatever that was higher than need be but its all good because I have the desire to go and the desire to be good.

Plus, I wanna do one thing that one of my hero’s once did:

Its not my goal to be the Strongest Man In the World, but trying to be a little like Artie is a good first step.

Let it be know that Artie broke my Ripken like streak of Pictures That Were Not Of The Flash Or Dogs In Costumes record.

Anywho, this is a long way of saying that I’m bring a personal project back. Something that will take dedication on my part but will be beneficial to all with good taste and eyeballs:  I’m resurrecting my own personal sexifoncation experiment that was once declared illegal …

Project Hunka Hunka Burning Roberts.

I’ve given up beer for Lent. I’m going to the gym. I’m running. I’m already crazy good looking.

Project H.H.B.R does not have an end goal but it does have a strict set of guidelines and a motivated subject. H.H.B.R was put in place not only to get 1 individual ready for the MCM, but to give Earth one good looking piece of eye candy.

I’ll have to restart my Flash/Dogs in costume streak in the next post cause I want to end this one with Artie VS his arch nemesis:

2 Responses to “Project H.H.B.R. Is Back On”

  1. Momma Roberts Says:

    HHBR~ already my most admired human, being that it’s easier to stick to strides gained than re-convince oneself to high achievement, again, you officially surpass everyone. I marvel at your re-commitment, your Fire, your positivity, your humor, your ‘train that could’ attitude. Rock on HHBR, you’re HOT and you KNOW it.

  2. Momma Roberts Says:

    Is Artie single????

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