I’m Back. Almost.


A new year is here. I thought about changing up how I do things with either Dog In Costumes pictures or just pictures of The Flash. After about 3 seconds of thought I deemed it to be too much work and here we are, Gator Pug.

Well its been since early September since I’ve run. It wasn’t too many posts ago where I detailed my fall,but the short of it all is that my right foot has been no good since. Never went to a doctor for the first few months of the injury (possible bad idea) and just figured time and rest was all it needed. I thought I’d be up and running in a month or 2, even harbored delusions that I might even still run the marathon. Yaaaaaa, nope.

After a couple months I could walk without any major or noticeable pain or discomfort. By early December I didn’t even notice it really anymore, except every now and then when I would walk upstairs. In the first week of December I figured I’d give running another shot, I was eager to get back on the trail. My newfound desire to run had not left me during the injury.

On a brisk night, I barely made it .3 miles where the pain and discomfort was just too much. That sucked a lot for me, I built myself up pre run, thinking I was good to go and this was it, I was healed! Call the paper, inform the Mayor, and throw away your cats, Mikes back! Yaaaaaa, nope.

The next day I made an appointment with a foot doctor guy. I got 2 x rays and an ultrasound. That was my 2nd career ultrasound and I do not enjoy seeing whats going on inside me. I trust everyone in there knows whats up and does their job, I just don’ want to see it. I saw my heart beating the first time I got an ultrasound. I got so weirded out it started beating faster and faster where I believe I said “ok ok enough, we know its in there, its going, we’re good”.

Anyhoo (or is anywho? spell-check likes neither), the grand result of my 2 1/2 hour visit and too many glimpses into my foot revealed what was wrong with me: nothing, really. I would have much rather had a problem and go after it rather than still have pain and have a doctor say “yaaaaaaa, nope”.


Kind of a bummer, kind of a relief. Nice to know nothings broken, but pain lingers with no culprit. Dr Mike prescribed another month of no running and we’ll see where we’re at in a month. Well hot dog, its been a month, I’m here blogging, so guess what … I tried to start running again! Didn’t get that from the title? What are you, an idiot? Don’t let me outsmart you!

I first tried on Monday, 1/3 (for records sake, I read through my old articles all the time, I love me! Hi Future Mike!). It was honestly exciting to get back out and run, something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. My foot was screaming a little bit, maybe more like a dull roar, something I definetly noticed the whole time but nothing that made me wanna stop. In this few months I haven’t run, I’ve obviously lost my ability to discern how far I’ve run cause I thought I ran far, but it was only 1.3 miles. And it hurt. I was pretty gassed. I had that nasty dry spitty spit, you know, the kind that just hangs there, indecisive of wither or not to make a new home in the grass or renew its lease in your mouth. I knew it’d be hard, but not that hard. Anything I built up from months of running and pushing myself and building towards my goal … is gone, thats for sure.

I ran again on Wednesday, 1.3 miles again, still just as hard. Grumble.

Ran again today, Thursday, and hit my what I thought would be out of reach goal of 2 miles. That was real tough as well. Something that used to be so easy for me is something I have to push myself pretty hard to reach.

The foot discomfort is with me on nearly every step it takes.  I’m hoping it learns to deal with what we’re doing now, we’re running and we’re gonna do a lot of it this year dagnabit. Got another Doc appointment on Jan 13th, hope he’s not too made I’ve pretty much done nothing he told me to do.

I may be starting from square one, again, but its nice to be out there again, even if I’m only 85% healthy.

3 Responses to “I’m Back. Almost.”

  1. Momma Roberts Says:

    Mike~~ eventho your foot situation is letting you down and is discouraging…. your determination and strength to get back out there and push thru pain to reach your goal is….. well, you are up there w/Lance Armstrong and Michael Phelps in my book. Along with our Redskins and Giants, let’s have a good off season, start slowly, pace yourself, have fun w/it at first. Please do chk w/your doctor mid Jan, important. I love you my Son

  2. Dan Says:

    keep it up mike, don’t re-injure yourself and the miles will start to come back, sprained my ankle twice out here and it sucks

  3. Mike Roberts Says:

    Thanks Dan, be good over there

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