Today is Saturday Which Makes Tomorrow Sunday Which Means Its Marathon Day


Except super sike.

Not running the marathon this year. Me = foot problems. Paul = hes a lazy whathaveyou.

Thats the short story.

We’re signed up for the 2011 MCM Marathon though. Injuries and laziness aside, we will do what we set out to do.

Don’t be surprised if we run a marathon (or 2) before then.

I personally am quite pissed that I can’t run the 2010 MCM marathon. I worked my ass off.

I still can’t run. That’d be a problem I’d like to have when we first started. I hated running. It was awful. I couldn’t imagine why people would run, not just on their own, but for fun. It was totally alien to me.

Now is a different story. Oh mama. I’ve been dying to get back on the trail, the track, the street, the path, the anything! I want to strap on my running shoes and run.

not so fast my friend

Its amazing to me, but my  desire to run has not faltered at all since my ankle/foot got banged up. I haven’t done myself any favors by not seeing a doctor, but after a little over a week or so I am able to walk  with somewhat comfort on my right foot, but weeks later I still experience pain walking up or down stairs. Since my injury I have not had the privilege of healthcare, but I’m sure what I’ve been doing to my foot since I screwed it up has not been for the better.

I haven’t  seen any professional help on my foot, but I’m hoping that I haven’t screwed it up too much that I can’t start training for any future marathons.

Just because we’re not running the MCM 2010 Marathon doesn’t mean our running “adventure” is over, unfortunately for us it’s just begun.

We’ve already paid an extra $30 to run next year.

As long as Paul doesn’t marry another girl in the fall and I don’t hurt another ankle/foot in 12 months ……… hooray The Running Jerks!

2011 Poster for The Running Jerks

4 Responses to “Today is Saturday Which Makes Tomorrow Sunday Which Means Its Marathon Day”

  1. Dan Says:

    sorry to hear you guys won’t be able to run this year, are you guys planning on running the ATM next year or is that too close to the MCM?

    • Mike Roberts Says:

      Don’t know what the ATM is, but our only “plan” right now is to maybe run the Suntrust in late March. I might run run a marathon in Belmar NJ in mid May if all goes well

  2. Dan Says:

    army ten miler

  3. Mike Roberts Says:

    If I’m healthy I’d be down for any race

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