Mikes August Review


Here we go. 2 months away. Training been going well but I have a feeling I’m not where I should be. I long since ditched the running book (sometime during week 2 of use) so I’m not sure where I should be but I have that feeling I’m not there. Oh well. I’ve made it this far, thats something.

Been a month since my last post and in the spirit of why I post here, lets track how I’m doing.

First Week of August: Start of with with Mon, Tues runs of 5.25 miles and 4 miles. A lot for me now. I run the 5.25 at a 10’01” pace, unheard for me. Totally awesome. The 4 miles was run at 9’58”, under 10, score! The last week I ran a personal best 7 miles without stopping. I decide to try and top it with 8 on Wed. Its the hardest run to date, especially between miles 7-8. Every step I wanted to quit, but dammit I did it. It was really tough. 10’35” pace wasn’t that great, but doing it was what I set out to do. From Mon to Thur morning, I lose over 7 pounds. Neato. I’ll gain some back immediately, but its nice to see immediate results. Sorry tummy lovers! Friday run of  2.5 is uneventful.

Note: during that week I saw the same small brown rabbit dart out of the same bush 3 times. 3 times. The same damn small bunny. It was dark and it scared the shit out of me everytime. I mean that thing darted out right in front of me. It was very close to getting punted to Giant.

Also, I ran a 5K after a O’s game and met a few players. I ran the 5K with only having beer the entire day. It was beyond dreadful. I don’t recommend it. At all.

My brother from another mother, Brian Roberts

Second Week of August: Only get in 1 run, mostly because of Pauls bachelor party in NC. Left Wed after work. Meant to run at the beach, but alcohol and beach chairs were having none of that. Surprisingly, no weight gain occured by the following Monday morning despite my best efforts. Sorry tummy lovers!

Haters Gonna Hate

Third Week of August: Here we go baby. Knock out a 2.3 and a 4 mile run on Mon/Tues. The 4 mile run was at a awesome 9’29” pace. Very kick ass. Wednesday never had the intention of being totally badass but it just kinda happened during the run. I ran a new personal best 10 miles and at a (as of now) respectable pace of 10’12”. I felt like I could have stretched that into 11, maybe even 12 by the end, wasn’t completely gassed like I was after doing 8.  That would be the last run of the week and on Saturday morning we hit a new personal low for weight, 189.4. But by Monday we’re up almost 6 pounds. If it weren’t for weekends I’d be down to 130 pounds me thinks. Rejoice tummy lovers!

Fourth Week of August: Unhappy with the weekend weight gain, we start off the week like being shot out of a cannon. 6.19 miles on Monday at a 9’29” pace and a 5.85 mile run at a 9’44” pace. Hot damn. For now, those are way fast pace numbers for ‘longer’ runs. I do hope to be able to laugh at these numbers later, but I was damn proud when I did em. Wednesday saw another run of 7.0 miles again at a 9’44” pace. I’ll end up losing 4.2 pounds from Mon to Thur morning, but like every freaking week, I’ll gain every ounce of that back by Monday morning. Got in another 5.8 mile run (9’20” pace) while in NJ over the weekend. Ran on the boardwalk which felt nice on my legs. Ran half of it shirtless so as to show the beachgoers what pale sexiness looks like. I exaggerate of course, but you tummy lovers would have found something to like, me thinks.

Be still my beating heart

Last 2 days of the month saw a 5.1 mile run at a staggering 9’03” pace and a poo run of 4.6 miles at 10’06”. Very weird I now consider A) 4.6 miles not to be long and B) 10’06” not to be a good time. A lot changed this month. For the better. I’m really gonna kick it into gear in Sept. Lots of running. No more time to screw around. Plus I’m going to the gym (almost) every Mon, Wed, Fri. No more needless travel and no more needless interruptions (except for Paul’s wedding). Aiming to kick some major ass in Sept. So much in fact I am officially dubbing September AND October … drumroll … Cut Em Up Season. Step 1 (and the only one so far) of my ongoing plan, Project HHBR aka Project Hunka Hunka Burnin Roberts.

Sorry tummy lovers

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