Yawn At The Apocalypse


My mind is aflutter thinking of what could be in those buckets

To tell you the truth, its now harder to sit down and write a post than it is to get out there and run. That should say something, now with limited time to run and this forsaken humidity, sitting in an air conditioned room writing awful jokes and puns should be pretty easy.

I’m motivated more than ever to run, which is great, but not one ounce of that motivation has translated into wanting to write about it. I’m gonna try and get better at it, just force myself to sit and write, kinda like what I’m doing now. No real plan or idea of whats about to be written, but I keep reminding myself that Future Mike will love to read what Current Mike is thinking. I’m pretty damn sure the person who laughs hardest at my jokes is myself .

That title is a little …. ominous. Don’t worry though, I’m still not clever or insightful, its just the title of my new favorite song to fall asleep to. Its by a guy named Andrew Bird. Something I read somewhere joked that his music is meant for Wes Anderson movies. Mockery or not, within the next 5 minutes I had every album this dude has made. Pretty good stuff. I throw on the above song right after runs now to calm myself down in a way. I spend the whole time running to the fastest music I have in my ipod so a melody of pianos and violins is soothing for my tired ass soul.

I ran 3.4 miles tonight. 10’03” pace. Not a bad time for me, trying to make that kinda time par for the course. Whats weird to me is that 3.4 miles isn’t or doesn’t feel like a long run. I used to not be able to run that without stopping until a few weeks ago. It used to take me 2 or 3 walk/stops to get 3.4 miles. Now, its not that much of a problem. I was thinking about shooting for 6 or 7 miles tonight, but by the time I was rounding around my house, it was just a little too  Blah for me outside and my shin splints were starting to rear their ugly head. Figured it was best not to push it on a Thursday night and save a long run for Saturday or Sunday. Although I hear its supposed to be like 102 degrees this weekend so maybe I’ll knock it out tomorrow.

Lord, this is awful. I’m just rambling about nothing. I have no stories to tell about my runs, their boring now. That’s why I don’t write much anymore, not much to talk about. I have a couple nagging injuries now, but nothing major *knocking on wood feverishly*. Got the shin splints, those are kinda easily combated with Ibuprofen and an ice pack. Got some weird ankle pain, but I take a myriad of pills to keep that beast at bay. But if I don’t take em, Oh Nelly, the ankle lets me know what is up. Hurts to walk after being prone for a while. Needless to say I don’t often forget to summon my team of Super Friends:

"Earth! ... Wind! ... Fire! .... Water! ... Heart!"

Don’t think I’d be running as well as  I am without em.

Oh, also forgot to include my boy in the Props Department from last post. He’s been there since day one and has been apart of every run. Don’t know if I need him anymore but nontheless, take a bow my friend …

I love you ankle brace, your the closest thing I have to a friend

I might frame him and put him in some Mike Roberts Hall Of Fame when hes no longer needed. Seriously.

Ok, I’m done. This is why I don’t post much anymore, I’m starting to think framing smelly ankle braces for others to see is a wonderful idea.

Coming next week: I unveil Project HHBR (name very much subject to change)

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