Times Gettin Slim, Best Start Running


If my blog counterpart is to be believed, we have just under 200 days till race time. To mostly everyone, that’s a long time, but if we are using measurements of ‘getting an unmotivated, out of shape but clearly strikingly handsome’ units, then it would seem we’re quickly running out of time.

I’m putting most of my faith in the ‘4 months to a 4 hour marathon’ book I obtained not too long ago. I’m planning on following it to the letter till race day. I read through it once, seemed credible enough, so it won the prize of being my only source of knowledge for this silly adventure (its where I learned to eat a banana or 2 right after a run. Go me!). I figured I’d give my self a little more time than 4 months to do this, plus I’m aiming for a 4 hour 30 min – 45 min goal, so I’m figuring that if I give myself a little more time to do a little less than the book is saying, I should be ok. The original plan was to give myself maybe 6 months. Then I realized the schedule the book would have me on is 6 days a week of training. Even people who don’t know me know I wouldn’t make 6 months of that. 5 months seems more reasonable I think. That would land me sometime in mid-late June for my official training start. I’m already dreading it.

I’ll keep up some regular running in the meantime. The book says to be able to run at least 45 minutes without stopping before starting with training. Crap, I’ve only done that once, and that was bascily only because of the adrenaline of my first 10K race the other month.  So I have to a little bit of training just so I can keep up with the 5 months of training after that. GREAT. NEAT. GRAND.

Started running  with some regularity again last week. You know, the basic thing I do, run for a couple weeks, take another 4 or so weeks off, try running again for a week, take another 4 or so weeks off. The starting running piece of that puzzle is awful. Its starting from square 1, and theres nothing worse than starting from scratch with running. Why do I keep doing it? I’m lazy. By the way, I’m Mike, nice too meet you.

This week I’ve decided to try and do 4-5 runs of at least 3 miles. Today was a good run, ran at a slower speed to try and establish some endurance. Made it to 2.7 miles before I had to walk, only because of a sperodic throbbing ankle pain that I’m hoping just goes away cause its annoying to deal with. I’ve also adopted another workout regime to couple with the running to hopefully encourage more regular running.

Its called one hundred pushups. Its a 6-7 week program with the goal to do 100 pushups by the end of the 6-7 weeks. Its a humbling but fun exercise that for no good reason I’m excited about. I used to love doing pushups, used to do them all the time in my room. I could do 100 easy. I used to do sets of 100. Now, well now that’s not the case. So, so far from. In an effort to try and get myself out there and running, I’m using a rule that I can’t do the days pushups unless I run. The pushups are only done 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri for me), so thats when I’ll be at least running for the next 6 weeks.

The simple rule of not being able to do the pushups that I like for some god forsaken reason unless I do the running which I hate will be pretty easily enforceable thanks to my brain being pretty simple. Its basically on par with “you can’t have your dessert unless you eat your greens” approach to children. I’m tricking my brain into running with the allure of doing pushups afterwards. Its stupid, but true.

With flag football on Tuesday nights and softball on Saturday afternoons, this is easily the most active I’ve been in a long, long time. Maybe ever. A few weeks of this and I’ll be lifting cars over my head in no time, ala Johnny Carson.

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