Week in Review (WiR): Don’t You Hate Pants?


30 weeks and counting: This is well-covered territory here, but I dropped some weight over the last year – it’s also a known fact that during my four month injury “timeout” I gained a good portion of said weight back. This has caused some problems when it comes to maintaining a certain wardrobe. Last year at this time, I was rocking a size 38 jeans (with a 30 length for my stubby little legs). When I finally decided to update my pants selection, I was down to a 32. Luckily, I kept the 38s. Unluckily, there’s nothing in the middle. So when I slapped 20 pounds back onto my midsection, I was left with a difficult choice: squeeze my body into the 32s or wear the 38s and look like I’m rocking a slick pair of Jncos circa 1993.

Of course, if I had my drothers, I’d go sans-pants, but those uptight housewives over on Capital Hill can’t handle the sight of a confident man doing yardwork naked from the waist down. Oh well, it’s their loss.

Anyway, the point is that I’m happy to be back on the horse. I’m glad to say that my body is responding nicely to running again and I hope to wear pants that fit sometime in the near future.

This is a week in review, so lets go to the stats.

Monday, 3/29: Off
Tuesday, 3/30: 3.48 miles, 33:59, 9:45 per mile
Wednesday, 3/31: 3.51 miles, 35:26, 10:05 per mile
Thursday, 4/1: 3.49 miles, 35:43, 10:13 per mile
Friday, 4/2: 3.11 miles, 29:25, 9:27 per mile
Saturday, 4/3: 3.5 miles, 35.21, 10:05 per mile
Sunday, 4/4: Off

A few things to note: I am officially back on my “short track” course which covers around 3.5 miles. The times are certainly not great (I like to always be under 10 minutes per mile), but with the warm weather, it may take a few weeks for my body to adjust. Fridays, as always, are “time trial” days were I get on a looped track and run a 5k as fast as I can. I’m going to be slowly working in my “long track” course which runs about 6 miles. SPOILER ALERT! I ran the long track on Monday and it was a fantastic – more on that next week.

Last thing: Nike+ offers a “Coach” feature that suggests training runs to reach certain goals. Their marathon training regimen lasts 28 weeks, which means on April 20, I’ll start the Nike+ program. During my WiR posts, I’ll hip people to my weekly schedule for anybody who wants to follow along at home. It’s quite a change of pace from what I’ve done for the past 11 months. What I like to do is find a distance that works for me and just run that distance every single day (Exhibit A is above) until I get bored and increase the distance. Nike+ has me running four times per week and anywhere from 10 miles to 2 miles per run for the first couple of months. We’ll see how that works.

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