Race #5: 2010 MCM Run 2 Register


Try and follow this logic.

On Saturday morning, I woke up at 5 a.m. and drove to Quantico, Va. to run 6.2 miles. Not only did I run, but I paid $30 for the privilege to do so. And not only did I wake up at 5 a.m., drive 40 miles and paid to run 6.2 miles  – I did it so I would be able to pay $90 to run 26.2 miles in October. Does that make any sense to you? Essentially, I paid somebody to slap me in the face because they promised me they would let me pay them again to kick me in the groin at a later date. This is the sadomasicistic nature of running.

That’s not even the worse part. The fact that I fully understand the ridiculousness of the above paragraph and I don’t care — that’s the worse part. I was excited — nay, giddy! — to complete the 2010 MCM R2R 10K and receive a special code that secured me entry into the Marine Corps Marathon. Just wanting to run the Marine Corps Marathon isn’t enough anymore. So many people want to sign up that they have to turn people away. It would have been a cruel joke to train for 15 months for a marathon that I couldn’t register for. That’s where the 2010 MCM R2R comes in. When Mike and I learned that we could guarantee entry into the MCM just by running a 10K race, we jumped at the chance.

Here’s my mindset right now. I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon on Oct. 31, 2010. This is an undeniable truth. It’s a fact that will not be changed. That is not something I can control — it will happen. So I’ve focused on what I can control: securing entry into said race, training so I don’t die, making sure I’m not injured before the race starts. That’s what I’m worried about right now. So far, so good.

This may have been my fifth “official” race, but it was by far the most important. For one, it was the first time Mike and I — the titular “Running Jerks” —have run together. This is not counting the stupid and misguided post-midnight run last October. So that’s big. This was also the first time that I’ve run a 10K since I returned from my four-month injury. There was certainly a thought in the back of my mind that I would be unable to run that distance. The furthest I had run in four month had been 3.5 mile, which I ran twice leading up to Saturday’s race.

Let’s look at the numbers:

Paul, 58:20.00, 1132 out of 1796

I wasn’t expecting to run that fast. Actually, I didn’t really know what to expect. My last official 10K race, the 2009 Dash For Dad in September, I finished with a time of 52:40 and that was at the peak of my physical fitness. Being about 6 minutes off isn’t that bad at all. As for Mike, he clocked in at 1:03.15. I’m sure he’ll go over it himself, but he told me that he was dumbfounded that he finished that fast. So, it was an all-around success for the Jerks.

But the most important part?

That’s right, both Mike and I are officially registered for the 2010 Marine Corps Marathon. It’s nice to get that out of the way. We’re in. We’ve paid for that swift kick in the groin next October. Now we just have to make sure that we don’t die.

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