On The Eve of Doing The Thing That’ll Get Us Into The Thing We Quite Aren’t Ready For Yet, And By ‘Quite Aren’t Ready For Yet’ I Mean Not Even Close


Tomorrow isn’t our first jump into the deep end. Both me and Paul have dipped our toes in the proverbial 10K ‘deep end’ a couple times, Paul much much more than your current but humble and yet strikingly handsome writer. Saturday means a lot more than any run either of us has embarked on. Not so much in distance, but what the end will mean for our beginning. What ever we’ve done since we  started this blog will pretty much come to ahead Saturday morning. When we finish the 10K on Saturday morning, assuming we both finish under the required 14 minutes per mile pace, both Paul and I will be registered for the Marine Corps Marathon.

There’s pretty much no turning back from here. We’ve both talked a big game since we started this. Pretty much all of our friends still don’t believe we can or will do this. I know my doubt is very much in a constant grapple with the idea of actually pulling this off. Paul seems to be of the thought that he can do this, healthy limbs prevailing. We’ve both had to battle laziness, fatness, quazi injuries, legitimate injuries, people saying we will never do this, people humoring us saying we can do this and people who are puzzled why we are doing this.

Regardless of where we were when we first started or where we were at our best or where we were at our worst, Paul and I will pretty much be going into the 10K in the same shape; meaning we are both able to do the 10K but in no way are either of us ready for 26.2 miles or even 13.1 miles. The fact both of us are still running after all this time is something else. The fact that both of us are running this 10K in order to be able to enter a marathon is something else. The road ahead of us is something that’ll require serious dedication and commitment.

All the running we’ve done before is kind of the warm up. All the running before is to pretty much kind of get into shape for the training that we’ll have to undergo soon. Once we cross the finish line on Saturday morning, it might hit us that we might actually have to do this thing. I think its something that we’re still up to, despite what you might think or say. Our motivation is still to prove you wrong.

Oh, and if you thought “what’s with the pictures of dogs in lobster suits?”, I am of the thinking that you should ask yourself why you are asking such silly questions instead of enjoying one of life’s greatest treasures.

One Response to “On The Eve of Doing The Thing That’ll Get Us Into The Thing We Quite Aren’t Ready For Yet, And By ‘Quite Aren’t Ready For Yet’ I Mean Not Even Close”

  1. Mom Roberts Says:

    RUN Forests RUN!!!!!!!!

    (and I’m allowed to be SOOOO proud and awestruck, you both deserve this!!!!!) Be strong

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