1 Week Till the MCM R2R 10K


And I couldn’t be less prepared. This will be my first ‘official’ race of sorts. I did run in that Nike 10K thingy back in … what was it, October? Doing the 6 miles then wasn’t as tough for me as it will be next Saturday. Back then I was running with some regularity (for me anyway) and now, well that isn’t so much the case.

I started March running well, building up from 2 miles and trying to run 3 miles with regularity and ease. After a few runs of 3+ miles, I was getting a new pain. I know right, horray! The new culprit is some throbing pain in my right shin, more off to the left side (your right). Its not quite symmetrical to the pain I used to get in my left ankle/foot, but its kinda close, just located a little more up the side of my leg. After putting on my Doctor Hat, I’m thinking it might be the same thing I had in my left foot/ankle because what the actual doctor told me is that I had hurt a tendon that runs up the inside of your leg. Seeing how that is the only thing I kind of know anything about legs, I’m going to say I might possibly have the same thing in my other leg. Now that’s insight you won’t get anywhere else.

It isn’t as bad though. It hurts more when I run than when I’m not, which is the opposite of the left foot/ankle pain of yesteryear. Although I will get random shooting pains during the day, not triggered by strenuous activity or exercise, I’ll be in bed or on the couch and then Blamo, shooting pain. Nothing that will make me scream out loud or anything (cause I’m a big boy), but enough to make me point at my leg and go “Hey. No. Bad. Stop it.”

Someone told me the best way to combat the earlier tendon pain I had was to just rest it, don’t push it. It was advice that was worthy of numerous high fives and a moderate amount of chest bumps. Seeing as how my Doctor Mike diagnosis thinks this might be the same pain but kind of not really maybe possibly the opposite, I’m thinking I’m going to flip that old advice and over work the pain and basically tell it to shut up, toughen up and stop being a big baby about the whole thing. What say you, disembodied smart looking head…

"Hmm, yup, your logic is flawless sir"

Now wither I actually go out and run enough to deliver my ‘tough love’, we’ll see. But I will be trying hard this week to make sure I’m not a total and complete embarassment next week (only a moderate one hopefully).

I ran 1.8 miles today at a faster time (9’36 a mile) to just get the body used to the idea of running again. I took a week off because of the new pain, then St Pattys Day happened then the first 2 days of the Tourney so you can bet your bottom dollar I didn’t run then. But I did today, will try hard to run 4-5 times this week. I should probably take Friday off, but what the hell do I know about running, its not like I do it that often or am trying to run a marathon or something.

Wait, oh crap.

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