My Assault on the World Begins Now


“The Rain on my car is a baptism, the new me, Ice Man, Power Lloyd, my assault on the world begins now”
— Lloyd Dobler, Say Anything

Please forgive the reference to Say Anything, but it’s appropriate. This is the new me. The Running Jerk 2.0. Power Paul. I’m back and I’m reenergized. I lied a little bit. I have not yet run a full 5K yet. I was wrong about the distance. During my running adventure, I’ve used a Nike+ sensor in my shoe to tell me how far I run each day. A some point during one of my attempted rehab runs, the sensor in my shoe ran out of batteries, so I’ve been running blind. On Tuesday, I replaced the sensor and I now have a better idea of how far I’ve been running this week.

Here’s the stats:

Sunday: 2.0 miles, 22 minutes (Treadmill)
Monday: 2.75 miles?, 30 minutes? (No Sensor)
Tuesday: 2.74 miles, 24:53 minutes
Thursday: 2.8 miles, 27:22

As you can see, not quite 3 miles, but pretty close. Zero pain in the knee, but that doesn’t mean that those runs weren’t hard. Pretty much the toughest runs that I can remember. Is it annoying that I used to be able to run 2.8 miles without even breaking a sweat just four months ago? Yeah, of course. But all that matters is that I’m back on the wagon.

Late last year, I interviewed a high school gymnast for a feature story in the Fairfax Times. She was the top high school gymnast in the area two years ago, winning an individual all-around region title as a sophomore. Last season, however, she was hit by a series of injuries that knocked her out for the majority of her junior year. She was unable to practice, unable to compete, unable to do what she’s best at.

So, as she was preparing for her final high school season last December — a season that just recently ended — I asked her about her mindset.

“I’m happy that I can keep working. If I don’t get a skill, I don’t get frustrated. I’m so grateful that I can still try.”

Last month, she won her first AAA Virginia state individual all-around title — the first for a local gymnast in over a decade.

That’s my mindset right now. I don’t care where I’ve been. I don’t care about past accomplishments. This is me now. The new me. The Running Jerk 2.0. Power Paul. I’m back and I’m reenergized.

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