The Long Road to Recovery: Part 2


Warning: This is gonna be long. It’s not gonna be funny and things may get a little personal… and maybe a little weird. Drama Llama 2.0 says that you’ve been warned. You can find Part 1 here.

The winter months are not conducive to weight loss — or maintaining weight loss for that matter. You have Thanksgiving. You have Christmas. You have blizzards. You have McDonalds Mondays and Fried Chicken Fridays. This would be fine if I was still running. But I was not. I had gone off the deep end with the food. By Super Bowl Sunday. I had ballooned back up to 207 pounds. Nothing like looking in the mirror and seeing a lot of hard work slowly being chipped away. But — I would reason — I had no other option. I couldn’t run, so to hell with it all. My motivation was shot.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my post became more infrequent. My attempts to actually run became few and far between. Sure, I was still attending physical therapy twice a week and doing the necessary stretches at home, but I wasn’t getting out and seeing if they would actually work. I’d run once every two weeks — struggle to run a mile and at the slightest hint of knee pain would shut it down. Was my knee actually hurting? Was my ITBS flaring up? I have not idea. It could have been all in my head. All I knew was that I was getting fat again and was struggling to run a mile.

About two weeks ago, as my physical therapy was winding down, I decided to run before a physical therapy session. These therapists, they had never seen me in pain. My pain only manifests itself when I run and because I wasn’t running, they never saw me in actual pain. All they saw was stupid ole’ Paul, claiming phantom pains that they never saw. Every other patient in that office was struggling to walk, struggling to lift their arms, struggling to sit upright. I’d come into the office with a spring in my step. It’s not that I thought they didn’t believe me. I just wanted them to see my injury. Touch my knee and watch me flinch. Feel the swelling. So I pushed it — hard. I ran like a bat out of hell. By 1 mile I was dead tired. By 1.3 miles, my knee was hurting. I pushed it.

“Okay knee, if you’re gonna put on a show, let’s put on a friggin’ show.”

I ran two miles with my knee screaming in pain. By the time I got to the physical therapist, I was hobbling.

“See,” I pleaded. “Stupid… knee…hurts.”

“Hmm,” my therapist said. “I think it’s time you went back to the doctor.”

This was not the answer I was looking for. The doctor sent me here. I was not going to go back.

“I’m gonna recommend 5 more visits here,” she said. “But I think it’s time you go back to the doctor. It’s not that I don’t think we are making progress, but you aren’t where you should be.”

I was crushed. I’ve read this ITBS could take months to recover from. Well, it had been months. The therapy, but all accounts, had worked. My flexibility had been greatly improved. My hip strength was like 100% better. My stupid knee, my stupid IT Band. They were not cooperating. Well, I wasn’t going back to the doctor. He didn’t have the answer. Hell, my first appointment with him lasted 5 minutes. This isn’t something that you throw pills at. I don’t need to go under the knife. I just need my body to cooperate! It’s been four months. I’ve gained 20 pounds. I can barely run a mile without collapsing and my knee makes it physically impossible to run more than 2 miles. This folks, is the low point. The Empire Strikes Back of our little trilogy. A great movie, sure, but such a downer of an ending.

To be continued…

Next Time: Is this the end for our plucky hero? Can he fight back? Will Han Solo be rescued from his Carbonite prison by Luke Skywalker and his band of rebels? Star wipe.

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  2. Jamest Lasie Says:

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