The Long Road to Recovery: Part 1


Warning: This is gonna be long. It’s not gonna be funny and things may get a little personal… and maybe a little weird. Drama Llama says that you’ve been warned.

When I first started running, way back in May 2009, my initial goal was to be able to run 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) without stopping. I don’t know why I got that distance stuck in my head, but that was the goal. If I could run that, well then, I was an honest-to-goodness runner. That soon developed into running a 5K in under 30 minutes, then under 28 minutes, then under 25 and so on. That was the goal.

By September, I was on to bigger and better things. Running a 10K was the next step. Then running a 10K under and hour, under 58 minutes, under 55 minutes. That initial 3.2 miles, however, that was my crowning achievement. That was my first goal achieved. That was a guy that was 50 pounds overweight saying “Enough! I’m stronger than this. I’m better than this. My God, I’m gonna accomplish something.”

My, how the mighty have fallen. Today, I ran my first 3.2 miles since Oct. 2009. It’s been a tough four months. I’ve recounted much of it on this blog – but let’s just go back to the beginning just for fun. In late October, I came down with the Swine Flu. You remember the Swine Flu? It was all the rage back then, before blizzards and earthquakes and Hurt Lockers stole the headlines. Around that time, I was running about 30-35 miles per week. I was fully wrapped up in running’s sweet embrace. I was proud of the strange exoskeleton that had grown over the bottom of my feet. I was constantly sore — walking with a super-cool blacksploitation limp. I lost a lot of weight and pretended that I didn’t want people to notice. Good times.

Well, the Swine Flu knocked me out for about 10 days. When I was finally healthy, I started up my normal running routine. For three straight days, I ran my normal 6 miles. By the third day, I knew that something was wrong. My right knee was hurting something fierce. Of course, being a true tough guy, I ran through the pain. By the fourth day, however, the pain was too much. After about 1.5 miles, I had to stop. It felt like somebody was stabbing me in the knee. No worries, I’ll walk home and try again tomorrow. Same 1.5 miles. Same stabbing pain. Time for Dr. Paul M.D. to crack this case!

Everything online pointed to Iliotibial Band Syndrome. From everything I read, this wasn’t good. Rest, I was told, was the best remedy. So I rested. I did not run for about a month. This brings us to about midway through December. I tried again, got some good results, but was soon back to the same old problems. So finally, after two months of being a stubborn ass and trying to fix my own problems, I went to a doctor. Doctor prescribed physical therapy. Physical therapy was not fun.

To be continued…

Next Time: Did physical therapy work? Did the knee win in the end? Did Paul learn the true meaning of Christmas? Answers: Kinda, TBD, Presents.

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