Monkey Mini-Update #4: Snow Miser


What follows is one of my many mini-updates designed to inform you of my progress as I work my way back from a stupid running injury. I’m gonna keep these short and sweet. No frills, no pointless tangents, just the cold, hard facts — and funny monkey pictures. Okay, maybe a few pointless tangents.

Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010: I was going to start running again, I swear. Here’s where we stand. I’ve been going to physical therapy for two full weeks (about to start the final week later today). According to my rotating crew of physical therapists, I’ve already reached the goals that they set for me as far as flexibility (10% improvement) and hip strength (Not a 65-year-old man anymore!). Only problem is that we can’t really know if I’m back to normal if I don’t run. And believe me, I have not been running.

It’s not my fault. No really, it’s not. It’s been a strange winter here in Northern VA. We’ve had a ridiculous amount of snow (25+ inches over the weekend). Running outside has been darn near impossible. Walking outside has been a challenge the last few days. Hell, driving has been risky.

So really, we won’t really know if I’m “cured” until I actually get out there and run. With another significant snowstorm scheduled for tonight, I’m just not sure when I’ll be able to get outside and run. I’m resigned to the fact that I won’t be able to run in my scheduled half-marathon in March – and that’s okay. My new goal is to be where I was last October by June. That gives me four months to get back to 6 miles per day. Which will give me four months to really get in marathon shape. I think (hope) that will give me enough time.

The first step is to see where my knee is at and if this physical therapy has worked. To do that I need to get out and run. I can’t do that until mother nature stops throwing its winter tantrum.

One Response to “Monkey Mini-Update #4: Snow Miser”

  1. Mom Roberts Says:

    Be careful my son!!!!

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