Mike Has A Calender, Of Sorts, And A New ‘Muse’


We’ll make this a little short and sweet for ol time sake. I didn’t run much in January. Why, because I”m still something of a lazy ass. Also, well there’s this thing I don’t want you to know about but maybe I’ll tell you at the end of this tale (Oct. ’10).

It’s no secret that its as easy for me to get motivated to run as it is as to push a tank uphill. I have my moments, but usually (sadly) they are short lived. I do good in said moments. I need to find a way to prolong them or extend them into a series of workouts. That’s whats ist going to be from here on out. Because I don’t have Sunday’s to watch football anymore. I want to come on here every Sunday and tell you about what my run-work week looks like and my predictions.

Simple stuff, sure. It takes motivation. I haven’t had that in awhile. But I think I might now. From a simple, simple source too. Not from the usual sources that made me want to run, but from something that would make my running easier.

Got a new computer the other week and through this and that, found some awesome music that makes me want to punch through walls and dropkick helicopters.

You may not be a child of the 80s, but I am and I find the following music I present to you as something that reminds me of everything cool in life and reminds me of running across the city dressed in all pink hoodie/sweatpants getup trying to catch damn Doc Louis on his bike.

I present to you, my new inspiration, I don’t quite know how to present it, but the sounds are derived from Nintendo games into songs, without words. I love em, please, do enjoy a sample (don’t pay attention to the video itself, its … weird):

I don’t quite know how to embed youtube videos [ed. note: Paul does], but the above link is quite safe for work or whatever, just keep the sound down if you don’t want fellow listeners ears melting due to crazy cool 80s nostalgia. If you never played more than 5 games on the NES or don’t know what the NES is or the SNES you should…. I don’t know, you’ve learned the internet at least so far, how do you not like…. ah nevermind, story is I like 8-bit nerdy Nintendo music nonsense music as running fuel now. I’ll keep running casually now till I mandate the “hardcore, real training” in coming months.

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