Monkey Mini-Update #3: One Step Forward…


What follows is one of my many mini-updates designed to inform you of my progress as I work my way back from a stupid running injury. I’m gonna keep these short and sweet. No frills, no pointless tangents, just the cold, hard facts — and funny monkey pictures. Okay, maybe a few pointless tangents.

Monday, January 18th, 2010: Was very optimistic about my run today. I shouldn’t have been. 1.3 miles or so before pain in my knee. To explain a little further – cause I don’t think I truly have – the pain is only very very slight. Now, it will progressively get worse until it A). Hurts like hell and B). Causes more problems. When this problem first reared its ugly head, I tried to run through it (as I have done for all my injuries). This – as you would expect – hurt like hell and caused more problems. So yeah, I don’t do that anymore. Realistically, I could run through the pain and get – I’m guessing here – about 3 miles. Obviously that’s not the right thing to do. So at the first sign of pain I shut it down, thus saving myself from more problems down the road.

Anyways, I’ve had a enough – so I called up my doctor right after the run and I’m going in tomorrow. Should I have done this a long time ago? Yeah, probably. Do I care about your opinion? Not at all. So shaddup. By the way, I’m closing in on 200 pounds. Try and guess how excited I am about that.

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