Monkey Mini-Update #1: More Updates Please


There were a couple things that Mike and I promised when we started this blog. 1). Run the 2010 MCM. 2). Regularly post updates on our process. 3). Be 100% honest. 4). Occasionally bring the funny.

For the record, here’s a few things we never promised. 1). Maintain our dignity. 2).Run in pants (see No. 1). 3). Stop hitting on your sister. 4). Use proper grammar and spelling.

Things started off well. Mike was really excited. I was cruising. But then – as I assume everyone expected – we hit some major bumps in the road. Nagging injuries and 27 years on laziness have pretty much hampered Mike from even getting started. For those that don’t know Mike – he gets motivated for about 32 seconds per week. Quite frankly, I’m shocked that he even gets out of bed.

As for me, I’m still battling a weird injury that – at this point – I’m not even sure I understand. I think at this point it’s 85% mental. It’s been close to two months now. I don’t understand how I can run 1.5 miles – be perfectly fine – and then hit some invisible barrier and feel like somebody is driving a knife in my knee. The pain immediately goes away when I walk, then comes back full-force when I start running again.

Most days I’m too scared to even try and run. I like to think that I’m making progress, but I’m just not sure anymore. The good news is that I like to believe that I’m getting better. I’ve been stretching and doing my self-prescribed rehab work. I’ve slowly (very slowly) been inching my way back.

But of course, you don’t know that because I haven’t been updating. Early on, Mike and I set a precedent that all our posts would be sprawling 1,000 word epics. That’s all well and good when there’s something to write about, but there’s only so many ways for me to cry about my knee.

So I’m changing the game (as I’ve been known to do): What follows will count as my first of many mini-updates. No frills, no tangents, just the cold, hard facts — and funny monkey pictures.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010: I felt brave and decided to run outside. I haven’t run since my positive experience on the treadmill about a two weeks ago. For those keeping track at home, I’m back up to 195 pounds, which was expected after being sidelined during the holidays.

Very positive steps today. I ran 2.4 miles until the pain in the knee started. Pain was very slight – but as I know – would have only gotten worse if I continued running. For a second, I hoped that this whole ordeal was over, since I was well past my previous best distance post-injury. Be alas, pain started and I walked the rest of the way home. I was hoping for 3 miles. I got close. Still, second time I’ve gone past the 1.5 mile threshold. The best thing about the run was it was actually tough. That means that I’ve fallen out of shape pretty quickly, but it also means that the run was actually worth my time. In the six-or-so runs that I’ve gone on since the ITBS started, I’ve had to stop before I ever felt tired. So even though I had to walk home, I still felt like I accomplished something. I don’t think I’m going to try again tomorrow, but definitely Friday. The pessimist in me thinks that Friday’s run won’t nearly be as successful. We’ll see.

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