We’re Gonna Run, I Swear


Hi. I’m Mike. I haven’t been around these parts in many a months. That’ll change. Paul’s been out for too long as well (with a legitimate reason).  He’ll be back soon too.

I’m Mike and I’m a co-whathaveyou on this “blog”. I’ve done an all around terrible job of throwing my thoughts and progress on here, which should be the primary job of a co-whathaveyou of a “blog”.

I’m Mike and I helped create an idea of 2 out of shape dudes help get into shape while training for a marathon, namely the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010. I’m also the guy that disregarded everything in that last sentence past the word ‘Mike’.

I’m Mike and I’ve taken too much time off. I’m a man (more of a boy, actually) with strong selective willpower.  I was a smoker for years and years, something people have said that quitting is one of the hardest things to do in your life. I picked a date and quit cold turkey. No patches or gum or anything. Decided to do it and did it. I no longer have ANY cravings  or desire to go back since quitting Oct 18. I’m no Superman, I may slip once in the future, but I’m sure in the resolve that I’ll never buy a pack again.

get it? cold ... turkey? please don't have me explain all of my jokes

I’m Mike and I’m confident in the fact that once in the blue moon that I actually set my mind to an idea that I’ll undoubtedly follow through with it.  I’ve always liked the idea of doing this marathon. When the plan was hatched the race itself was a good 15 months away. Ever the procrastinator, I never took the idea itself seriously  and knew I’d probably buckle down when time would rear its face and become a factor. I ran every now and then, but never with a plan or a schedule or a regime or a goal or an overall semblance of how I’m actually going to run 26.2 miles in October.

I’m Mike and I’m kind of a dumb but it only took me as of a couple weeks ago to truly realize what it means to ‘train’.  I’ve had a book for a little while now that’s called “4 Months to a 4 Hour Marathon”. It’s a great ‘how-to’ on how to gets things done for dumbs like me who think just running all the time will get the job done (spoiler: it won’t). I’ll use it and quote it constantly in my (hopefully) many and constant posts on here.

Here is said book. Buy it here: http://www.amazon.ca/Four-Months-Hour-Marathon/dp/0399532595. Its the best (and only) running book I've read

I’m Mike and I know I’ve written this post once or twice before. Time isn’t my friend anymore and I’m actually excited to run this time. This week I decided to adapt a new style, one Paul has used I guess since day 1. I’m not going to walk anymore. No more walking during my runs. I’m going to use what I think is my strong willpower to try and push myself not to walk. I used to walk ALL the time during my old runs. Go back to my old posts, I document me walking all time during my runs, long and short. I don’t want to do that anymore. I started the new rule Tuesday (1/5) .  I didn’t want to run my (old) usual pace of around  9′-930′ min/mile pace because I would get too tired too quick during the run so I decided that I’d try and run a slower 10’30 min/mile pace.

I’m Mike and I kicked ass in my return (ya, another one) to running. I’ve run 3 times in 5 days (not pushing it yet, just trying to get back in the swing of things, not trying to kill any of my body parts that want none of this, IE all of them). In my 3 runs, I ran 2.6, 2.55 and 3.15 miles. All of them I never walked once. You may be sitting high on your throne thinking that’s not much of an accomplishment, but for me its HUGE. Not one of those runs was easy for me, even with my slower pace. I wanted to walk very early in each run. I didn’t. My mind said ‘screw it, walk, its night and its cold and who’s gonna know?’. I didn’t. The courses I set had a lot of uphills, which I would usually give up on and walk. I didn’t. Neither was I too out of breath or my legs to weak or my ankles hurting or my knees throbbing or my ribs feeling like I was being bear-hugged or feeling light headed or my back hurting or my hip feeling really weird or my shins feeling like they’re on fire or my heart burning or feeling like I need to throw up or having such a dry throat that I’d dropkick  the Queen of England for a thimble of Powerade or my right sholderblade feeling funny or anything else that running makes my body hurt; the overriding factor of why I walked was because I lacked the willpower to push myself. Too often I let myself give up on … well myself. Clear, laid out goals (which I didn’t have before) will help me this go-around.

Remember Pogs? One of my redeaming traits is that I never bought a pog, or a 'slammer' or whatever. I did love watching Pog battles, or whatever you called them.

I’m Mike and during those runs I thought that it’d be cool to gloat about not walking during my new running plan on the blog that no one reads. It helped. A lot. It’s the kind of motivation I need during those hard/cold/long/boring runs. I like thinking about what I’ll write on here (95% of which won’t make it on here, cause I’ve  resolved not to use curse words here, except for crap and shit, I need those words) while running. It really does help keep my mind distracted from its usual routine of trying to convince the rest of my body to quit.

I’m Mike and I really do hope I keep running every other day with very small increases in mileage (maybe .15 or .2 increase per run for now). I don’t want to get bit by an injury bug. I want to run frequently to get in better shape until I adapt the 4 months/4hour marathon training regiment. I want to adapt the training schedule layed out in the book, but possibly stretch it out a month or 2 so that I’m good and ready by October, so maybe I’ll start it in May or June. I’ll drag Paul on board.

I’m Mike, and I’ve dragged my feet long enough to only have 294 days left till MCM 2010. I promise more updates and maybe some video blogs (we’ll talk about that later Paul). To send you off and after almost exactly a 1,200 word count, here’s a picture of a monkey in deep thought with leafs in his mouth.

2010 will be good for The Jerks.

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