New Shoes And Insoles With Silly Names


ministry-of-silly-walksI went to college with no idea what I wanted to study. 2 1/2 years in, I was consulted that I was on the path of a few majors with the certain classes I had already completed. Business Marketing was one of them, so I decided to go with that, mostly because it involved few math classes (I may have gone another route if I only knew the horrors that were to lay ahead, namely Finance and Accounting).

After the myriad of marketing based classes I  breezed through completed, I’ve developed a judgmental view on all things advertising. I like to analyze all the different advertisements that I come across in all their varying degrees.

With no fluid transition at all, I embarked to a running shoe store today that was recommended by many people. VA Runners is located in Centreville, in the Colonade where I worked at the Giant next door for 8 months. I’ve made vocal my ankle/foot problems to anyone when my new running adventure came up. Most armchair quarterbacks diagnosed that possibly I was running in “not great” shoes and pointed me in the direction of VA Runners. There, the awesome …. uumm, shoe helper people would throw me in a gantulet of tests/exercises to determine my running style and really just examine how I ran.

Side note: I was displeased to not run across any ‘Al Bundy’ type of associates at the store. Very upbeat and awfully helpful. Its not often I walk into a store hoping to be harassed and berated.

just-for-kicksAnyway, after trying on 4 different shoes and running around the shopping center in each shoe, 2 of the …. uumm, shoe helper people,  narrowed down to 1 certain pair of kicks (I feel dumb calling shoes ‘kicks’. I could certainly just use the backspace button, but whats done is done.) .  My certain running style (how my feet strike the ground and how I push off basically) combined with my nagging foot/ankle problems I told them about were enough to point to one certain pair of sneaks (that feels a little bit better, not much though).  It was quite refreshing to have 2 dudes care about what sneicks (I combined the two now, and it was worse than I could have imagined. Part of marketing is trial and error, not every idea is a homerun) I was going to walk away with.

With every shicks (eck, strike 2) I tried on, they threw in these insoles to help stabilize my running. There were kind of like the thingys the doctors wanted to put in my shoes that were molded/tailored to my feet.  They felt nice, especially on my heel. Not totally convinced this was the answer to my nagging ankles, I walked away with new running shoes (I’ve giving up trying new names. Wait, maybe kioes. Ok, strike 3, I’m done.) and 2 pairs of insoles for the bargain price of $135. WOOF.

Once I got home, I saw what these insoles were called. Now, I’m no marketing major (waitaminute), but these things need a new name. No more than 4 seconds of thought went into naming these things.



Superfeet? Really? I’d love to know that names that were rejected, unless they went with the first idea the janitor had, which is probably exactly what happened. Hell, HappyFeet is a better name, and that was a stupid movie.

Since my new Superfeet aren’t quite adjusted to my regular ho-hum feet, shoe helper person told me to slowly ease into running with them, maybe start off with wearing them for an hour at a time while walking, or just run a mile at first with them. So that’s kinda what I did, I ran 2 miles today at what I thought was my newer, slower pace. I did 2.1 miles, 19:57 for a 9’27” per mile pace, 296 Cal burned. That was much faster than I thought I was gonna do, which is attributed to either my new shoes or my new PowerSong, which I’ll write about some other time.

Why did I open with a few paragraphs about my college learny times? Cause I wanted to make sure everyone knew I went to college, that’s why.

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