Paul’s September Report: I’m Nuts



[Ed. Note: This blog accomplishes four things. 1). It documents our crazy plan to our friends and family; 2). It documents our progress so we can look back and feel accomplished; 3). It let’s us make stupid jokes; 4). It tries to show that girl back in 6th grade that we’re cool and she should stop being so mean because we turned out really handsome. She’s the one with coodies and bad breath. So there. Anyways, this post is going to accomplish No. 2 (and hopefully No. 4). If you don’t like self-serving posts, you know the way to the door. No wait! Don’t leave. I get lonely.]

Month #5 is in the books. Too be honest, even with the amount Mike and I talk about doing this marathon next year, I still am surprised at the fact that I just keep going. I still haven’t thrown in the towel and I’m honestly surprised. I usually give up wayyyy before things get serious. Ask any of my former girlfriends. Heck, ask my current girlfriend.

I try not to think about it too too much, because if I look back at the amount of time I spent running and then calculate the amount of time I have left, I immediately want to quit. I mean, I’ve run for five months, spent countless hours gasping for air. I wake up in the morning with stabbing pain in my left ankle. Then I realize I’m nowhere close. There’s still over 12 months till the marathon. And what happens after? Do I just go back to being fat?

True story, about three weeks into this adventure, right about the time the weight started to really come off, I was finishing up a three-mile run. With about a mile to go, I had a startling realization. “Oh my God, I’m going to have to do this for the rest of my life.” It was a pretty sobering realization. What’s the other option? Get fat again? Let myself go? This is it. I eat healthy, I exercise daily. Is this what motivated people go through? Nay, is this what normal people go through? That, my friends, is maturity… and it sucks.

Let’s take a look at the stats for September:

September: 29 workouts, 22 hours 46.12 minutes, 147.miles, 9:17/mile pace

Holy crap! That’s a lot of running. Let’s compare.

May: 16 workouts, 8:01:24, 44.39 miles, 10:51 pace

June: 23 workouts, 13:01:29, 75.1 miles, 10:24 pace

July: 22 workouts, 12:49:47, 78.65 milles, 9:47 pace

August: 24 workouts, 13:52:02, 87.31 miles, 9:32 pace

Clearly, I have lost my mind. 147 miles last month? Almost 23 hours of running? So it’s come to this, 1/30th of my life is now devoted to purposely trying to make myself vomit. Take out sleep and it’s nearly 1/20th. Clearly, I have lost my mind.

A few more things of note:

– I ran two more official races last month. The goal is one per month. I’m looking at the Great Pumpkin 5K on Oct. 10. There’s also the Nike+ Human Race 10K on Oct. 24. I’m not counting that as an official race, as all I have to do is run a 10K by myself on that day and then sync the data with Nike+.

-I’m looking at getting involved with a charity. If I’m gonna spent 1/30th of my life running, I might as well make some scratch for a good cause. More details forthcoming.

-This is the month that I finally get back into the gym as well. Running has pretty much done it’s job and now it’s time to look into getting some muscle back on my body. Seriously, at least when I was fat, I looked deceptively strong. Now, I look like a member of the high school band. And I’m not talking about a tuba player, I’m talking alto clarinet.

-Mike’s back to being motivated again. I give it a week. Check back next month for epiphany #3. Burn. Sick burn.

-New injury update by the way. My right shoulder is killing me. How does that relate to running? I have no clue, but it hurts and I blame running.

-I will own these shoes. I swear to God, they will be mine.


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