Official Race #3: 2009 Dash for Dad 10K



We here at Running Jerks Inc. aren’t really known for earth-shattering revelations. Anybody that has done a bit of long-distance running knows this stuff. But like a straight man watching “Glee” or a Washington Redskin finding the end zone, we’re new to this whole thing.

So here’s my new revelation: I can run a greater distance at a faster pace when the it’s not 95 degrees outside. Crazy concept, I’m sure.

As a young lad (and pudgy 20-something) that loves Superman, I always held to the belief that our yellow sun would give me strange and wonderful powers. Not the case. The sun makes me sweat a lot, cry a lot and hallucinate that I have x-ray vision.

I’m only over-exagerating a little bit. I started training in May. I’d go out and run whenever I had free time. By July, however, I learned to avoid running from 11 a.m. to about 5 p.m. But the Fall months for a community sports reporter means covering a lot of games at night and doing a lot of quality sleepin’ during the morning. So by late August, I was pretty much forced to run around 2 p.m.

While I did get a bitchin’ farmer’s tan, I didn’t get a very accurate idea of how fast I could actually run a 10K. Sure, some nights I would go out on a track and get in 6.2 miles, but the track is boring. That was my only option, as my running trail isn’t really made for moonlight running. Let me tell you, running for an hour on a 300-meter track is not a great way to spend an evening.

DASHDAD1So in some ways, I’m not really surprised at my time from this past Sunday’s Dash for Dad 10K.

Let’s take a look at the vital stats:

102, Paul Frommelt, 26, Chantilly, 52:40, 8:29

So I finished in 102nd place out of 214 males – 26th out of 49 males ages 25-30.

Not too shabby, I’d say. My previous personal best in a 10K was around 55:30. This being my first 10K race (and only third race overall), this is a pretty good baseline time.

As is customary in this blog, let’s take a look at some of the people that beat me.

88, Tetsuo Hosokawa, 49, Oak Hill, 51:58 – I really want to make a Rashomon joke right here about how I remember the race differently and that I believe I actually beat him but nobody would get it and it’s borderline racist.

57, Ward McGroarty, 25, Washington, D.C., 48:15 – He beat me pretty good, but his life is full of Leave it to Beaver jokes, so I win in the end.

52, W. Alston Roberts III, 34, Washington, D.C., 47:36 – At first I thought that this could be one of Mike Robert’s (other half of the Running Jerks) multiple personalities – one that’s a wealthy D.C. socialite who sends his kids to Sidwell Friends, but alas, our Mr. Roberts assures me that he was still in bed.

16, Bilal Ouri, 34, Fairfax, 42:04 – Not a real person. Whoever typed up the final results had a massive stroke and pounded on the keyboard one last time before falling to the ground and slipping off into death’s sweet embrace.

15, Grant Quick, 24, Alexandria, 41:59 – Seriously? Grant Quick? How can I beat someone with a name like that?

Anyways, let’s get back to the topic at hand. The race was at 8 a.m. after a solid day of rain. Zero humidity. It must have been 73 degrees outside. That’s high quality runnin’ weather. The lesson here is that when it’s hot, I don’t run very fast. When it’s cool outside, I can finish a 10K in 52 minutes. Like I said, not really earth-shattering, but now I know.

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