Lazy Humans to Run the Human Race



Mike and I have been pretty much in the tank for Nike+ since we started this experiment. It combines my love of measurable data with my love of not doing math. So when I caught wind of the Nike+ Human Race 2009 10k event being held on Oct. 24, I jumped at the chance to sign up. It’s a pretty ingenious event — while there are organized races across the world on that day, anybody can participate by just running a 10k in their neighborhood that day and syncing their data with Nike+. This adds another important component to my measurable data+hating math equation — my crippling enochlophobia (look it up). So on Oct. 24, I’ll be running around my neighborhood desperately trying to beat a Japanese youth that’s running in Tokyo at the same time.

For those keeping track at home Measurable Data + Hating Math + Enochlophobia = Racing Japanese Children. Wait, I don’t think that’s right. No, no, that’s accurate.

Anyways, earlier this week, I found out another wrinkle in this whole world domination plan by Nike. The Human Race 10k Challenge in which Nike picks 10 “ambassadors” from across the country. These ambassadors recruit runners to join their team. Teams with the most total training mileage up between Aug. 18 and Nov. 1 are declared the victor and, I dunno, get a lock of Lance Armstrong’s hair or something.

Ambassador Petey Crowder asked the Jerks to join his team – “Electric Highway”. Feeling truly wanted for the first time in our lives, we jumped at the opportunity. Petey also gave us a nice plug on his Facebook page, which made this blog’s page counts explode.

Always guys that will reciprocate a back scratch, we encourage everybody to sign up for the Nike+ Human Race 2009 10k and show their love to Petey by joining the Electric Highway.

Here’s ten reason why you should run the Human Race and join the Electric Highway, courtesy of Mr. Crowder himself.

Electric Highway Facebook page link here. Petey’s Twitter here. Picture of a cute cat here.


3 Responses to “Lazy Humans to Run the Human Race”

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  3. Mom Roberts Says:

    Gooooooo Pauly……….oh yes, YOU can do this!!!!!!

    Love love
    Mom Roberts
    “M Rob” 🙂

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