Don’t Call It A Comeback, I’ve Been Here For … A Few Weeks


fat-flashRun #1, Day 1 (or 57)

2.06 miles, 19:45 minutes, 9:34 min/mile

I’m surprised by the min/mile stat, I don’t know if I ever ran that when doing multiple mile runs, usually I like to shoot for around 10:00 minute miles. Wither its right or not, I’m happy with it and hope to build on it, although as I shoot for 3 or 4 mile runs soon, I know that time will suffer. Good start though.

I’m happy to report another run with no ankle/foot pain. It’s right as rain right now, which in the old days it’d be in pain and I’d be walking around like Vince McMahon right now. Not saying walking like thats a bad thing, hell, I’d love to walk around everywhere like that, although walking around Giant would cause problems.

So the only thing right now stopping me from running is … myself. I’m turning out to be quite a hurdle to overcome. Finding time to run is no problem (believe me, when your unemployed, time is NOT a problem), but not getting distracted or sidetracked by activities more entertaining than running (example: anything) is something I need to work on. With football season here, Thursday/Saturday/Sunday runs are going to be hard to come by. Friday runs are hard to fit in because, well Fridays were meant for better things.

My biggest problem/hurdle is walking. I’m starting from scratch, no endurance or willpower, so once I get the thought in my head to possibly stop, I might go another 10-20 steps before I totally convince myself walking is the greatest idea since HDTV (except when John Clayton is on ESPN, YIKES). It’s something that’ll get better with time, but for now its something that will always be in my head and I’ll just have to push through it. If this doesn’t sound that hard, please, ask around, I am the laziest person on earth. I dare anyone to challenge me for my title.

I’m trying to map out weekly goals, something to strive for. I don’t think its unreasonable to improve my best distance by a mile every 2 weeks. The MCM is a scant 58-60 weeks away. If I can stick with that rationale, I could be running 26 miles by next Oct. My personal best is 5 miles that I did last month, right before I took my recent sabbatical. Let me tell you, 5 miles was definitely my limit, that was a tough ass run with way too much walking.

If I’m going to actually do this, I’m going to have to change my weekend routine and get rid of some bad habits. “Changing your ways to be more healthy to train for a marathon?!? Crazy Talk!!” With my beloved football season starting and not really having to worry about work on Monday, it’ll be a challenge to scale back on beer consumption on Sunday and especially Saturday.  Smoking is gonna have to go if I get real serious about this, that’ll be tougher. Guh, I’m going to need another epiphany.

With a plan of improving a mile every 2 weeks, I’ll have to work in a run Sunday nights, and a couple more during the week and doing what I’ll call an “Improvement Run” every other Friday.  Sounds easy enough, but implementing this crazy plan is going to take some serious life changes. No one said this will be easy.

Seriously though, someone tell me it’ll be easy, that’ll help me a lot.

One Response to “Don’t Call It A Comeback, I’ve Been Here For … A Few Weeks”

  1. Mom Roberts Says:

    YOU can do it.

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