Paul’s August Report: Slow, But Steady



[Ed. Note: This blog accomplishes four things. 1). It documents our crazy plan to our friends and family; 2). It documents our progress so we can look back and feel accomplished; 3). It let’s us make stupid jokes; 4). It tries to show that girl back in 6th grade that we’re cool and she should stop being so mean because we turned out really handsome. She’s the one with coodies and bad breath. So there.

Anyways, this post is going to accomplish No. 2 (and hopefully No. 4). If you don’t like self-serving posts, you know the way to the door. No wait! Don’t leave. I get lonely.]

Things are looking pretty good for the Running Jerks. Mike’s back and real fired up. You can tell he’s fired up because he cursed a lot in his last post. So, he’s either fired up or drunk… Probably both. I’m still chugging along. My 5k race a couple of weeks ago really got me going. I ran for 11 consecutive days after the race – a new record for your boy. In all, I ran 24 of 31 days in August. Let’s take a look at the stats, shall we.

August: 24 workouts, 13 hours, 52:02 minutes, 87.31 miles, 9:32/mile pace.

And now, let’s compare.

May: 16 workouts, 8:01:24, 44.39 miles, 10:51 pace

June: 23 workouts, 13:01:29, 75.1 miles, 10:24 pace

July: 22 workouts, 12:49:47, 78.65 milles, 9:47 pace

So again, things are pretty good.

Other Notes:

-I just found out, after four months of running pretty much along the side of a road on a trail that forces me to navigate around 5-year-old on tricycles that my neighborhood sports a pretty amazing running trail – it takes 1.5 miles to get there and is a 1.5 mile trail. My new daily run just jumped from 3.6 miles to 6 miles. Let’s see if I survive

-My weight is now down to 192 pounds, 7 pounds away from the big five-o in weight loss. After I hit my initial goal of 200 pounds, I decided to ease up on focusing on losing weight and just focus on training for the 2010 MCM. I’m still eating right, but that’s more about giving me energy for running. Any weight loss after 200 is just icing. God, I wish I could eat icing.

-Two possible races in September – The Sixth Annual Kit Callahan Miracle Mile 10k at GMU on Sept. 27 and the 10th Annual PVI Runfest 5k on Sept. 20. (My brother goes to Paul VI and I want another shot at beating him).

-Expect more posts in the future. With Mike back, the Jerks are now at full strength. Should be an interesting fall.

2 Responses to “Paul’s August Report: Slow, But Steady”

  1. Sean Says:

    wow, 192 lbs? I haven’t been that weight since … 8th grade!

    jk. I think. I hope. dear god.

  2. Mom Roberts Says:

    Keeeeeep going bud, you are my super-hero w/red cape!!! I’m your sideline uber-cheerleader for you both, amazed and proud and jealous!!! Soon you can both just run to NC beaches……….yeayyyy

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