Well, I Got Lost



Sometimes, being the adventurous devil that I am, I like to mix things up and turn down a random street in my neighborhood. This does not usually end well. I get lost and have to find my way back home. Usually, this means that I run longer that I’ve planned. This can only be a good thing, right?

Well tonight, I got real lost. Like think-about-making-a-shelter-for-the-night lost. Like, cutting-open-a-Taun-Taun lost. Like chilling-with-Matt-Fox-and-a-smoke-monster lost. Almost three hours at 10 p.m. lost.

My neighborhood is still kinda new, so there’s still plenty of construction and still plenty of mini-forests around. Plus, whoever planned this neighborhood was a sadistic animal, because nothing makes since. 95% of roads end with a dead end. You’d think that following a road that you recognize will get you back home. NOPE! Cause that road isn’t the road that you know, it’s a completely different road with the same name 5 MILES AWAY from the road you know.

Anyways, It wasn’t fun. I got home to find out that Rachel was worried and went out looking for me. It’s been almost six years and she still doesn’t understand that I do dumb things that never end well. Mike has something called a “Manner’s Plan”, where he does something stupid, it always turns out horrible and hilarity ensues. My plans usually turn out the same way, but they aren’t entertaining, they just kinda make you shake your head.

I mocked up a map of what I believe was my route. It’s after the jump. Red = Running. Blue = Walking and Crying.


One Response to “Well, I Got Lost”

  1. The Running Jerks Says:

    […] Let’s set this up. When I first started running, my path was about 3.5 miles. When I was finally physically able to run the entire way, that path became part of my daily routine. Eventually, running that far became easy(ish). So, once a week, I would run a 10K (6.2 miles) by randomly turning down streets to extend my running path. This led me on crazy adventures, as I would often get lost. […]

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