A Me Update Because No One Demanded It


Hobo-739433 I understand you must be on pins and needles regarding my absence from any postings here. Allow me to relieve  you of such unneeded stress.

Since we last crossed paths, I was fresh off a doctors visit for the ailing foot and not quite able to remember my exact diagnosis that was given to me just a couple hours prior. I was told to come back in a couple weeks to get a mold done of the foot so that I could get a thingy thing to put in my shoe to correct some tendon that was going rouge. I set up an appointment for Friday July 31 to get it done. I called the doctor a day prior to make sure my insurance would cover the molding; a question any right thinking person might ask right after hearing such a thing needed to be done.

I was told that A) insurance company wouldn’t cover it and B) that my insurance would cut off at midnight that day (Thursday). I was getting let go from my job and 7/31 was my last day. After finding out how much it would be without insurance, I looked at my foot and had to give it the ol “I love you, but I don’t $600 love you” talk.

But by that time and now, my foot feels fantastic, mostly because I haven’t run in 3-4 weeks. NO pain or discomfort when I walk, which is unfortunately a strange feeling I haven’t felt in months. I still wear my brace when I wear shoes (rare now, its always flip flop or slippers time). I don’t know if its doing any good, but it buts my mind at ease, thinking I’m trying to do some good.

I never got any advice from the doctor on what to do if I never got the mold thing (I feel uneasy calling someone who specializes in feet a Doctor. Same goes for Dentists. They might have the PhD or whatever, but they’re not a doctor, doctors work in hospitals and do meaningful shit). I’m kinda up in the air right now on what to do. I haven’t tried to run since, mostly because I’ve grown accustomed to walking like a regular person. I do still want to run and eventually run in the MCM, but I don’t feel the rush to jump back into it now, with it being so far off.

I imagine I’ll get back into the swing of things, but as for now I’m going to enjoy the unemployed life where my only cardio exercise is walking from the bed to the tv and back. It’s a wonderous existence.

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