Day 10, Hello Doctor



Didn’t run on Wednesday, should have been run #5. Foot wasn’t feeling so hot, so I decided not to push it a day before I saw the foot doctor today. Turns out to be a good idea.

Saw the doctor today. Relative good news. Foot isn’t fractured (I’m told thats good). After a string of long crazy words and an explanation that made me dizzy, doc broke it down to I have some tendon pulling or pushing out of …. something or somewhere. Ah Jebus, I already forgot, I had her explain it to me 3 times so I wouldn’t forget.  All I remember is ‘tendon’ and either ‘pushing’ or ‘pulling’ out. I remember giggling so it was probably pulling out.

Got some xrays taken…. of my foot, which was weird. They made me wear this heavy, bulletproof looking jacket when all they did was put a small camera by my poo foot. I felt tough for a man (boy) in bare feet. My pants were hanging low (no belt) and covering half my foot, so being the ever huge idiot I am, I asked the nurse if I should pull up my pants a little (insinuating as not to obscure the xray). She waited 5 seconds to answer, possibly thinking I’m joking. It took me 8 seconds to realize I gave her a story to tell her friends and coworkers about some manchild who doesn’t know how xrays work. Had my pants been magical and ruined the xray I would have felt better, but turns out my pants are just pants and I feel dumb.

After a back and forth (X3) about whats up, doc says to lay off the flag football and running for 2 weeks, take 2 advil a day, ice the foot everyday and wear my brace everyday. Cool, whatever. Gonna go back in a week or 2 to get a mold done of my foot to get …. something to put in my shoe to correct whatever is wrong. I’m tired of walking like a dumb  so this better be over soon. I’m actually kinda bummed I can’t run for a couple weeks, I like building up my “stats” on nikeplus.

Guess I’ll have to leave the blogging duties (hehe poop) to Paul for a little bit. Bonus Picture!


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