Day #5, Run #3, Ipod Failure #1



5.00 miles. 53:00. 10:30 min/mi. 700 calories.

Didn’t think at all that I was going to do this run. “Coach” said to do 5 miles, after a Mon/Wed run of 3 miles. The 3 miles was more than enough for me with 3.25 miles being the most I’ve run since that one track practice at Burke Lake where I ran maybe 2 miles and walked 3. The walking occured because running the 5 mile track around the lake was a dumb idea. Years later I still believe in most of the same things then (including boobs=holycraphighfiveYES) as I do now. No human should be running fucking 5 miles in any given stretch, thats why we have cars. Before cars, you think people ran 5 miles to get anywhere? No. They rode horses. Before horses, people just sat in caves and maybe walked 200 feet out of said cave to clobber some skank over the head with a sweet stick they found while evading a T-rex. Point is my “coach” sucks, telling me to run 5 miles after barely conquering 3 miles. I yelled into my ipod numerous times about how my ankle is far from 100%, but the crafty device was unrelenting in its pursuit to destroy me.

Loyal readers who care about my well-being (IE me and possibly mom) know my left ankle is against this sudden exercise. After the Wed run my foot felt like a throbing rock, not bending or doing anything a foot should be doing except for stinking up my room (big ups to Glade Fabric & Air for the  de-funking). Wed night it hurt, Thur morning it hurt more, but by Thur night is was feeling somewhat ok. By Friday afternoon after alot of walking, ankle and foot was doing ok. Got home and decided to give the run a try, mostly in fear that the loyal readers (90% who don’t know who I am and only came through Pauls Facebook) would label me a quiter. Good idea.

Wait, no it wasn’t. That run was just awful. WAY too long. By mile 2, I was doing ok, stopped once or twice, no biggie. Getting to the 3rd mile was kinda tough. Knowing I had to do 5 factored in. Right about here is when a usually one-sided battle took place: Lazy ‘doing nothing is better’ Mike VS.  Active ‘come on, push it, you can do this’ Mike. So far, Active Mike has been winning the war, but today Lazy Mike won the battle. Sure, I did the 5 miles, but my god, after mile 3 it was just constant run/stop/walk. Won’t bore you with details (too late) but the steady pace and less walking needs to be worked on.

After the run, I checked the ipod, got the numbers you see above, and walked half a mile back to the house (the run was ill planned, never done 5 miles before, so I made it up on the fly. Tried to end up near house, came up half a mile short). Plug in ipod to stupid slow computer, and its not recognizing my recent run immediately. Resisting urge to punch any nearby infants, I check website for troubleshooting. Long story short, todays run isn’t registering for my ‘documented training’. I’m livid. First time I ever run 5 miles and snarky little ipod doesn’t record it. I’m mad cause I have a lot of goals/challenges on that the 5 miles would have helped alot. I’m glad I care enough to be pissed about this. Thats a good sign.

Bad sign is that left ankle waited its usual half hour after run to stiffen up and throw me into hobble mode. Also bad is that right ankle is getting jealous of left ankle and is starting to show signs of hurty (its a medical term, just shut it). Doctors appointment on Thursday can’t come soon enough.

No runs till Monday. Good.

(640 words about my third run. Excessive.)

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