Day 3, Run #2, Doc Appt #1


3.26 miles. 32:42, 10:00 min/mi. 459 calories.

Now I’m starting to think my ipod is only telling me the numbers I want to see. I want to be at 10 min per mile, and sure as hell the ipod tells me I’m exactly doing that. I don’t believe it. On this run, I stopped and walked twice as much as usual. I was expecting something along the lines of a 11 or 12 minute mile average. Something may be rotten in Denmark with this nike+ sensor.

In other fantastic news, not 20 minutes after the run my bum left ankle went more limp than usual. I was hobbling around by the time my dinner was ready. Thinking all the dumb ankle needed was a good nights rest, I waited till this morning to re-evaluate it. Nothing changed, still hobbling alot, too much pain for walking. I made a doctors appt for next week, hopefully nothings broken, sprained or whatever. I don’t know if I can man up for the big 5 mile run tomorrow. We’ll see. I’m just flying out the gates on this adventure!

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