Day 1 of …. holy crap 472?!?


Running Jerks

Hello and welcome to what should be the beginning of my end. What started off as a simple “if we start now we could maybe run the Marine Corp Marathon in 2010” conversation between a couple fattys walking back from Subway has taken a legitimate step forward with this … blog. This simple collection of mis spellings and run on sentences will serve as motivation to keep up the good fight. Myself, I’ll be using this to keep track of various runs, weekly plans and other sorts of points of interest in regards this wonderous idea of running 26.2 miles. Not so much for anyones entertainment, but more so for a journal  and a thing that’ll be a fun thing to look back on whenever I decide to quit.

Where am I on day 1? Running 1 mile without stopping is a challange, but quite doable for me. I don’t think I can run 2 without stopping. I haven’t developed a desirable pace for such a thing. The music I listen to while running (heavier the better) somewhat dictates my pace. Its hard to jog slowly while Meshuggah and Death From Above 1979 are destroying my eardrums. I weigh 187 pounds, which is down from 195ish (2-3 weeks ago, thanks healthy eating / starving myself!). My left ankle is a wreck. Without my brace, every step is mildly uncomfortable. While running with the brace, theres no pain after the first .1 mile. I should have this checked out, but will most likely wait till something disastrous happens. Current optimism of actually making it to the MCM 2010 (it was so easier to write 08 or 09 there, but just writing 10 seems wrong. ’10 works I guess, but it looks dumb): Almost none. I’m a realist and would love nothing more to actually do it (lie), but I know me and will probably make it to the first 10K or so and then putter out in early 2010 (theres got to be a right/better way to abbreviate that, I refuse to write ’10). Do I see myself running for pleasure after all this is said and done, without a goal/event in the distant future? No.  I plan on chopping off a foot to make sure this never happens again. Am I ready to cut back or stop drinking for an extended period of time? Uhhh, not really, but I guess I’ll have to. Football season will really be tough. Smoking is probably gonna have to go too, word is that doesn’t help with running.Another thing I want to keep track of is total $$$ I’m going to spend on this. I started out with running shoes and an Ipod. We won’t factor those in. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of hit my wallet is going to take in the next …… uuggggg ….. 472 days (Oct 24, 2010).  Lets start the list:

-Nike+ Ipod sensor: $25

-Nike+ Ipod shoelace holder thingy: $10

-New earphones: $20

Already at $55. With registration fees, new shoes, new apparel, hospital visits, this might get costly.

I’m putting the official start date for my adventure as Monday July 6th. I had run a small handful of times in the previous weeks, but Monday I started a 12 week training program for a 10K on my nifty Nike+ Ipod dooder thingy mabob. After my run on Monday I found out I could add this, which pretty much gives to a weekly schedule of when and how much to run. Very simple things like this will get me to run. I tried a couple years ago to keep track of my running with zippy success. I simply wrote down how long I was actually out of the house. It did little to motivate me to keep running, because as we all know, running is the most pure evil thing ever created, any and all motivation to keep doing such a vile act is crucial. This will start to sound like a bad commercial if I continue, but simply put I would not be doing this without Nike+. I need immediate updates of what I’ve done or what I’m doing. My greedy little mind operates under the “Why bother if you don’t know what your getting out of it” line of thinking. So, thank you Nike+ for ruining my next …. uuugggggg …. 472 days.

Week 1 Plan, According to “The Coach” – Mon, 3miles. Wed- 3miles. Fri-5miles.

-Thoughts:  Fuck Friday.

Day 1 Recap: 2.92 miles. Time: 29:20 (10:02 min/mi). 411 calories

-It was a tumultuous run that led directly to the purchase of the dumb Nike+ sensor holder. The sensor (that I had kept in a small small clear plastic baggy under my laces) fell out twice during the run. The whole run, which at first I’m proud of, is now tainted. I don’t actually think I ran 2.92 miles, seems too high. Also, that time is off cause that dumb sensor at least spent 1:30 on the ground. Great start Mike!

One Response to “Day 1 of …. holy crap 472?!?”

  1. Courtney Manol Williams Says:

    If you are going to keep track of how much running is going to cost you, you should also keep track of how much less you smoke and how much money you save if you do quit. 😉 Maybe it will help to see that the “out of pocket” expense isn’t nearly as bad as you think. As a former smoker (quit May 4, 2008 and haven’t had one since), sometimes I’ll plug the date, how many per day, and how much per pack into this little website and feel slightly encouraged:

    Happy running!

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